Mad (Wo)Men, Zora, and a Grateful Heart

(Wreath via House of Humble. What a cute and easy DIY.
Yep, this will be on our door next year.)

Happy Friday, lovelies!

I am having an awesome Friday already! I just found out I won a give-away over at Sandy a la Mode's blog. It's pretty freaking fantastic. I won something from EACH of her sponsors. I can't even believe it! I have never won a give-away! Once I get all my goodies, I will definitely show you what I won. Yippee! So happy! Thanks, Sandy! ♥

I am excited to say that I got my LAST two Christmas presents last night! Check and check. Once I ship them off to my family in Michigan, I will (horn sounding) be DONE! Christmas cards? Sent! Packages? Wrapped and shipped! It feels good!

This weekened I am super excited as we have a bunch of really fun events to attend.

We have a Mad Men-themed party Saturday evening, followed by a trailer trash-themed party (not even sure what that means or what I'm wearing) on Saturday night.

Oh and during the day there is a birthday party celebrating the cutest one year old I know: Miss Zora. (Happy Birthday, Cutie!)

Don't believe me? (A girl after my own literary heart.)

Have you EVER seen a cuter baby? Yeah. Me neither.

I could really start a blog about my crazy love for this pumpkin. I would just post cute photos of her every day. I think it would be a hit. Oh lord. Wait til I have kids. I'm going to be obsessed.

I already HAVE TO BUY her every cute vintage baby cardigan I see. I just cannot help myself!

(Me, Jen, and Zora)

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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  1. Ooh, the parties sound like fun! I hope you have a great time!


  2. Zora is adorable! The picture of the two of you at the mini picnic table cracks me up. A baby and a beer. My kinda babysitting ; ) Let me know your your parties go. I hope you run into Don Draper...droolsville

  3. Have fun at the parties! You'll have to post a pic of what you wear to the Mad Men one:)