A Sunny Day for a Photo Shoot

Hello! Happy Wednesday!

I recently had a sunny afternoon to finally (!) take some photos for the ol' etsy shop. I went as fast as I could, I think I even left Alice (the dress form) half naked in some of the photos, but there are so few hours of sunshine, I couldn't be picky, I couldn't really take time to style -- it was a dress-and-shoot event. Luckily, I was able to photograph a lot of items before the sun started to go down.

I have a lot more coming for winter, but it's not so easy anymore when it's dark when I leave and dark when I get home! I am hoping to have another photo shoot with Alice this Saturday. Me, some coffee, a pile of clothes, and Alice. Of course, the puglets will be running around, too. I do love it when they sneak in the photo! Hams I tell you!

Actually, here's a photo of Scarlett in one of my last photo shoots:

So, here are a few new items!

Christmas green tweed dress! Isn't this necklace rad? Love it! (Thanks to the gals over at Mae and Jean Vintage!)

Love this ski sweater

Cozy Snowflakes

Woodland-themed Woolrich

One can never have too many Grandma cardigans

(The necklace is from PlumLine Vintage. Love!)



p.s. Also, I wanted to say HELLO to a few new friends I've made on etsy this week. You gals are the best, and it is a pleasure knowing you (even if only through e-mail)!


  1. Love the new stuff especially that green dress!!

  2. Miss Scarlett! Love that snowflake sweater.

  3. Oh, I LOVE that green dress. Darn my rather generous chest! ;-)


  4. That purple cardigan is adorable! I'm about to try knitting one!