New Vintage Threads

Hey darlins!

Happy new year! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! We had fun celebrating with friends and definitely did a bit of recovering on Sunday. I'm sure you have no idea what I'm talking about. ;)

We started off the night with a WONDEFUL dinner and champagne, then the night took us to Northeast for karoake and then dancing. Too much fun! ♥ 

As you know I was a busy, bargain-hunting bee over the holidays. I swear, I always find the BEST treasures in Milwaukee. I finally measured all of these gems and added them to the shop. Some of them have been hanging pretty in storage and some I just found. I really want to keep my shop loaded with goodies in 2012, so get ready!

Sheer Floral Dress

This 1950s mink coat was made in Minneapolis! Love! It! It's so soft, too!

Pretty in Pink 1950s Herringbone Coat with Bow

Warm, cozy velvet blazer

Fancy and Fitted 

Can you believe my little shop turns four months old in January? It's just flown by! Each month I learn a little more about running a little business and get to make new vintage-lovin' friends along the way. It's amazing when your passion (read: obsession) gets to be your part-time gig.

I really can't believe it's January! Hello 2012!




  1. Is that you in the picture?! You're hair looks awesome straight!

  2. I don't think I've ever seen you with straight hair. It looks nice. I like all of your finds, especially that blue dress.

  3. Thanks, dear! That's me! :) Just got it cut last week! :) I'm digging it!

  4. Love your sewing basket!! I have a solid green one that we just pulled out of a corner and use both as a sewing basket and side table.

  5. That is actually my neighbor's. She let me take photos in her living room because the light is so much better on her side of the house. I am jealous of that find though. I wish it WAS mine! :)