New Year's Inspirations

Today is January 6, and the new year is in full swing. I know everyone has read a zillion resolution lists by now, but I needed to write one. To put it out there. To make sure it happens. To also ensure my loved ones read this and help keep me on track. ;) I never really write new year's resolutions, so I tried to make this list achievable. And these are all things I say almost daily that I NEED TO DO. Time for some action!

1. Read More
Already on Chapter 5 of Diane Keaton's autobiography, Then Again. Next up? The Year of Magical Thinking.  


2. Get out of my head
This is a big one. I am always analyzing, overthinking, and worrying about the little things. It's enough to drive a sane girl mad. This year, I am making an effort to let go and move forward and not worry so much.

3. Stay organized
Yes, this does not come naturally to me, however. I wish it was that simple. My better half is the queen of organization. Our tupperware is organized by size, our vinyl is alphabetized, and our dishwasher has a system of organization that I am still learning. Yet I just want to take my clothes off and leave a trail behind me every day when I walk through the door. This year: cleaning that damn closet and keeping it clean. (Fist in air!)

4. Thrift more; spend less
What? Could I possible thrift ANY more than I already do? Yes. Yes I could. But the more I do this, the pickier I get. No more buying because it's a bargain. There is just no room. Time to focus on what I really want.

5. Get crafty!
I already have a binder of inspiration photos for crafts. It is hibernation season so it's time to get on it. I just signed up for a knitting class that starts at the end of the month! Yes! Knitting! We'll see how it goes! (Can't wait for our knitting party, Sara.)


6. Swim and camp more
This will have to wait until it's warm again but it makes me really happy doing this with my little family.

6. Write more letters
I have not been as good as I should with keeping up with my letter writing. There will be Sunday afternoons at my local coffee shop devoted to JUST letter writing. Making it happen.

7. Go gluten free
I am addicted to bread in all of its glorious forms, however, it does not agree with me. I already cut out beer in 2011 (strictly a cider gal now). We are slowly eating through the pasta and bread in our house and aiming to go gluten free (slowly but surely). As I go through this process, I will be sure to share any tasty recipes we discover! :) Good thing I am not giving up all carbs because I could not live without mashed potatoes or potato chips.

8. Don't let the weekends slip by; spend the free time mindfully and intentionally  (This was taken directly from Give Me Bows. I just loved her list. So inspiring.)

I've read so many resolutions this week. It really kicked my ass into gear about what I want to make happen in 2012. ♥ Thanks for reading mine. ;)




  1. Oooh, good resolutions! I already read a whole lot, so I have that one covered. But I with you on number 3 and 4. I reorganized my whole closet during the Christmas break and now it is actually functional! I have everything sorted and hung by category, so that I know just where to look for something at. Before, I would dig and dig forever trying to find a certain piece. When I thrift shop, I used to buy several things too that were just a good buy. I really want to try and only get something that I KNOW I will use on a regular basis and not just because it's a dollar, heehee!

  2. Those seem like very achievable resolutions! I'm totally up to do some crafts or go camping with you! I am a beginning knitter so let me know if you want to have a knitting day after your class :)

  3. Great list, doll. I'll help keep you on it. Maybe I should write one, too :)

  4. For some reason my comment didn't go thru, so I apologize if this shows up twice!

    I just got a Nook, and it's making my resolution to read more much easier. I love reading, but rarely find the time anymore.

    Can't wait to see you what knit up!:)

  5. Your picture for number 6 is so cute! The only thing better than one pug is two pugs.

  6. I love this. I love all of the things on your list, and I love that you shared it with everyone. Lots of thought behind this obviously-- and it seems like things that will really change your life. Rock on with your goals.