Top Five Friday

It's Friday! Oh what a beautiful day! It's rainy and gray here in Minnesota, but it's Friday, and that makes me happy!

I am starting a new weekly post on this lil' blog. I will be featuring my top five anything and everything. This week, it's my top 5 etsy finds. I could have 100, seriously, but I kept it to just 5. Enjoy!

This amazing blouse (from my loves at School of Vintage) to go under THE perfect sweater below? Hmmm, mmmmm.

This coat (from inwiththeold). Why am I only buying things right now with a plaid print? It's a problem.

This iPhone case for iCaseSeraSera! I love it!

Maybe, just maybe, the perfect sweater for fall (via tipitie).
 And, these earrings from Cobweb Corner. Totally me. Totally.


I hope you all have a great weekend. Top 5 things I am looking forward to: 1) job interview today. what? yes. wish me luck. 2) our dear friends' wedding tomorrow. 3) sleeping in on Saturday with my pugs and my lady. 4) working on the shop, so much more to add. Have you checked it out lately? She's filling up! and 5) did I mention I have a job interview TODAY. holy shit.




  1. Oh such fun things! I could never have too much plaid, so I love that coat! The sweater looks warm and cozy too!

    Have a wonderful weekend!! <3

  2. I love, love, love that bird shirt! Sending you good vibes for the interview! Can't wait to hear about it! What's it for? What's it for?? :) Have a great weekend deary!

  3. oh my god job interview!? good luck!! let us know how you make out!! oh and sleeping in the the BEST.


    p.s. thanks for the feature.

  4. Whoa...I want,no need that iphone case! I love that blouse & little jacket too. You have amazing vintage taste Amanda :) Hope you had one loverly weekend...despite the grey weather! xoxo Marisa

  5. cheers to high fidelity. and john cusack. and making lists.