Heart and Soul


I am counting down until we leave on Saturday to see Cayla's family in Milwaukee. Two more days and then we are OFF. We will pack up the presents and the pugs and head to Wisconsin for lots of food and laughter and eating and drinking and eating and then eating some more. It's vacation, after all. :) I will also be sure to stop at my favorite thrifts while I am there! I always find great bargains in WI.

I wanted to finally show you what I have been working on! A while back I saw felt heart garland on etsy for about $40. I thought it was really cute so I decided to make it myself for the wedding.

Once I got the hang of the blanket stitch (which I learned how to do by watching a YouTube video), I couldn't stop myself and decided to make ornaments for friends and family. I used cookie cutters to make the shapes and they worked fabulously.

I used scrap fabric, vintage fabric and buttons, etc., to put these little cuties together. I used plain old felt for the backside. And, I am proud of myself, because I am really not all that crafty!


I really have been spending most of my evenings watching old episodes of Will and Grace or holiday movies in my jammies surrounded by bags and bags of scraps and buttons and felt. I have to admit, it's a really nice winter craft. If I can do it, ANYONE can. I can't wait to give them to everyone this weekend!

I hope you are staying warm, dears!

Lots of love,



  1. Those turned out so great!! I love the idea of using a cookie cutter as your stencil. Why didn't I think of that!!!?

  2. These are SO cute Amanda! I need to learn more stitches too, like a blind hem! I have tried watching youtube tutorials and still cannot figure it out! I have two days left as well, have so much fun in Wisconsin! And eat a cheese curd for me because they are my favorite haha!
    xo Hannah

  3. Aww, those are so cute! Seems like it would be an easy project for an inexperienced sewer like myself!

    Drive safely to Milwaukee my dear, I know Wisconsin got much more snow than we did. And have a great time and a Merry Christmas if I don't talk to you again! <3

  4. Amanda, these are so so sweet! Hehe I always forget that stitch is called the blanket stitch... I always think of it as the T stitch because you make little T shapes, haha! I love that you used plaid for these, they look wonderful on the tree!

    Hope you and Cayla have fun in WI and have a merry Christmas :)

  5. These are too cute! Can you make me some, too, please? Haha.

  6. Yes- you are crafty! These are amazing and adorable and I love mine :) I hope you two have a wonderful trip and have some good relaxing time. Happy travels! XO

  7. Omg...these are so cute! I love them! You're so right about winter crafting, I find that I do most of my crafting during the holidays. It's awesome that you're giving those away as gifts. I think homemade gifts are the best! Have a great weekend and enjoy your trip to Wisconsin!

  8. Those are so cute! What a great idea!

  9. Oh, gosh, Will and Grace marathons sound AWESOME!! It's been a while since I've seen that show.

    Your ornaments are so cute! They have a real cozy feel to them. :)

  10. Oh how lovely, handmade ornaments. Thank you for sharing.
    Bella xx

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