What to Wear: Thrifting Edition

Today's edition of What to Wear is maybe one of my favorites yet. We are all supposed to show what we wear thrfift shopping. As you know, I thrift my heart out on an amost daily basis, so I can be wearing anything from leggings and a sweatshirt and a hat (think Saturday mornings) to my snazzed up outfits (if I need a fix right after work). 

This is what I actually wore thrifting on Sunday. We popped in to make a donation and I looked at Cayla with a puppy dog face and she said: "FINE, 15 minutes, that's it."

She's not as much of a thrifter as I am. But she does compromise on a fairly regular basis. Thankfully, the record section keeps her busy for a bit.

So, seeing as we got a shit ton of snow last weekend, here's what I wore.

Man, am I loving my new winter coat. It was an early xmas gift from my Dad, and it is so warm it's unbelievable. Love it!

Yes, I am wearing pink boots. And yes, they are the ugliest damn boots I have EVER laid eyes on, but they have been the BEST boots I have ever owned. I have bought many a pair since getting these (in high school, many, many, many, mannnny moons ago), and none have kept my feet as dry and warm as these. Love.

And of course, a necessity for thrifting is layers. Under this coat I had on a hoody and under that a flannel. Obviousy, not winning any fashion awards here but, let's be real. This is what I wear to the thrift store.

And I am still loving this purple cowl from my girl, Lisa. It's amazing. Thank you, again, friend.

The snow has been so beautiful! I have really been loving my time outside, if you can believe it.

Another key to thrifting: hands free! Normally, I usually carry the biggest bag I can find, but I love small, crossbody purses for thrfting. It fits everything I need, and it keeps my hands free for digging!

What do you wear thrifting? Be sure to check out the other lovely ladies to see what they wear!

UPDATE: So, today is actually supposed to be what to wear on a road trip. Somehow, I saw that and thought "thrift." Everyone else will be doing a different post, and I need to stop bringing everything back to thrifting! hah!




  1. Haha I don't care if it's off theme, you look so damned cute in these pics! and I am way jealous of your new jacket! That is one hell of a parka, madame.
    I totally agree on the cross body bag thing. I am generally a cross body purse wearer, but I don't think I could manage a thrift or antique store without one! I'd be all afraid of my bag slipping off my shoulder and knocking stuff over, or I wouldn't have my hands free to push people out of the way when I see something great :P.


  2. I love your bright gloves! And all that snow looks awful to me - I'm not good in the cold

  3. LOL, I love that a road trip makes you think of thrifting! Thrifting on a road trip is the best ever though!

    I love your new coat and cozy scarf! You look super warm!!

  4. you look so cute! it looks like you are going on a snow adventure! i can't wait until snow hits my town, i am excited to dress in this many layers!

    lindsey louise

  5. Hehe. This made me giggle. I love your new jacket. Your dad has good taste! Also, I love bright mitts. Mine are blue and green and red. So fun!

    You make me want to go thrifting!! Maybe I'll have to hit the stores after work!!

  6. Haha- it all comes back to thrifting :) Just looking at these pictures is making me cold. Girl, I don't know how you do it- I probably wouldn't leave the house for anything in this weather. I'm all about the cross-body bag and lately I can't get out of that rut. I just like to be hands free!

  7. Being a Mom means I usually have hands to hold, or a backpack, or snowpants of the small variety so I just can't see myself in anything other than a cross-body bag!

    Being comfy is important for both thrifting AND road trips, so I think you got it just right! And it's nice to see all that snow as well!

  8. You are the cutest being in all the land! Do you know that?? xo

  9. My winter coat looks just like this! I love it, I got it as a gift last year. Your dad did such a great job!

  10. It looks so cold there!! Now I felling really lucky to be in AZ! I type this while I'm shivering because we haven't turned on the heater yet!

  11. bbrrrrrr!!!! I'm cold looking at these pics; that and we keep our heat down really low, so it's not helping. :) I'm suprised we don't have snow yet in MI, but I'm really glad. :P sort of...minus the whole global warming thing, but whatever. enjoy the snow!! at least you may have a white Christmas!

  12. You're so right, at some point it doesn't matter that you actually don't wear pink boots - keeping warm is first priority!
    You look really cute though!

  13. haha I was wondering too because I saw Lisa's post, I got excited that she'd done another one for thrifted but it's ok, it was a fun mistake!! You look so adorable all bundled up here! I love all your huge smiles even though you must've been freezing your ass off. That big coat is awesome and this def is a cute keeping warm outfit in my book w/ the fun mittens & cute cowl! yay! def need to have free hands for thrifting, that can exasperate me to no end.

  14. Wow that's a lot of snow. Those mittens are so cute!

  15. Nothing wrong with bringing it all back to thrifting. :)