What Goes Around, Comes Around

Loves, do you ever regret getting rid of something that doesn't feel stylish anymore, only to find 10 years later wishing you had kept it? I mean, who EVER would have thought that floral jeans would come back? I sure as hell didn't.

I love that fashion just keeps circling around and eventually it all comes back. This is one of the many reasons why I love vintage. I can browse my fashion mags and the latest trends from Urban Outfitters and then go find it myself - either at a thrift store or from another vintage seller on etsy.

I often see items in stores that look identical to something in my shop.

While looking through Bazaar yesteday, I saw this ad and loved how they styled the sweater dress (left) with booties and knee high socks. (I have yet to rock this knee high trend because knee highs do not come close to my knees because I am such a long legged lady.)

I think it looks super sexy and modern.

And then I realized that I have a super similar sweater dress in my shop!

How cute would this dress be with chocolate brown knee high socks and cute flats or booties? Seriously.

The only difference is that the sweater dress that is new costs $185; the vintage dress is $30.

Do you look for inspiration and then try to do it yourself (on the cheap)? I am still going strong with my second-hand only pledge - it makes you hunt a little more, but that's the fun part, right?




  1. Oh my gosh, I had this vintage navy blue with oversized white polka dots (and buttons!) blazer when I was in high school that I have been lamenting donating as of late! I basically never wore it, as the giant lapels were awfully floppy, but my my I could rock that baby now! Lesson learned: pack rat to the extreme, haha!!

    That dress is SO cute and the knee high trend is so lovely. You should hunt down a pair of over-the-knee socks and just scrunch them down a tad! You'd look so chic. With a wide headband for uber mod cred. mmhmm!!


  2. I remember being in high school and my Spanish teacher whipped out a pair of huge '70s sunglasses to protect her eyes while she used the projector, and we all started laughing...these were the days of small, tiny sunglasses, and we thought she looked ridiculous. And she said, laugh now, these will be back in style one day! And yeah...everyone's been rocking huge sunglasses for years now.

    You really should try the knee-high sock thing, it is a great look. Look for knee-highs that have a cuff on top, the cuff can be unrolled and it will give the socks some extra length.

  3. I used to wear knee socks all the time! I have been thinking of trying it again, just hoping it doesn't make me look too young. And I have been drooling over that dress in your shop!! It would look cute with knee highs, you are right!

  4. i totally get the "long legs with thigh high socks don't mix" thing! none of them work for me either! i just always pull them down and just wear them below my knees, it is still extremely cute. i love the dress in your shop, by the way!

    lindsey louise

  5. I am always getting rid of stuff and regretting a few years later! This is how hoarding habits are formed. ;)

  6. If I'm being honest, I don't pay attention to trends, like ever. I look at other women on the street and read blogs, but I don't really register what is "in fashion" at that moment. I just go into stores and pick up whatever calls to me. If it's "in" that's awesome, if not, who cares.

    I love that sweater dress, though. It would look terrible on my short little body, but it's super cute.

  7. I am so proud of you for going strong on the pledge! I bought a few things new for myself before xmas. I hear ya on the floral denim! I totally love them but haven't found a pair that fit properly that are also in my budget. There has been so many times I wished I hadn't gotten rid of something but I hate to carry everything around for ever, just in case... Ah the woes of fashion :) I love that sweater dress in your shop- the pattern is so fun! Too hot for AZ though :( I LOVE knee highs and over the knee socks- you should totally find an extra long pair and rock those bad boys!

  8. Knee socks are my life, my love, my anti-drug. If I can wear them at 6', you can too!
    Pro tip: American Apparel makes socks so long that they cuff under your butt. I wore them instead of tights during Boston winters.

  9. that is awesome about your pledge! i guess i've been doing that too but just kidn of came naturally, i should prob announce it & join in on you. that print on the dress is great & it always is funny to me when vintage is way cheaper, esp since the quality is usually far superior to new pieces.