Am I Crazy?

Friends. I spent the night making homemade tags for the upcoming pop-up sale. (I can't wait to show you, they are so damn cute and made from salvaged materials - of course.)

I then started to look through my inventory to get an idea of just how many tags to make. And, I started to freak out a little bit. I have two very LARGE racks in my storage room that are completely full, then I have boxes and boxes of spring items that I have not even started to unpack. I have stacks and stacks of clothes I've been washing all around the house...Not to mention about 75 pairs of shoes.

I just simply have too much.

In order to clear out some of this inventory before the pop-up sale, I decided to have a mega clearance sale. Everything in my lil' old shop is 40% off. It will be going on for a week. If you've been eying something in the shop - and you love a bargain - now's the time. It really won't get any cheaper than this! :)

I can't even tell you how excited I am for this next chapter! A local salon owner contacted me today - she'd like us to have a pop-up in her shop, too! My heart is overflowing and my smile is ear to ear.




  1. Part of me just squeeeeeed and my bank account just cried a little...I need to do a spending assessment before I even click over :)

  2. You lil devil! You are doing this on payday :)! Do you think you can put things in campus mail?

  3. You are TEMPTING me my dear! I'm ready to throw this ole shopping ban out the window! But seriously, I'm spreading the word, and I am so over the moon excited about all these good things coming your way!! <3

  4. Ooh, hopping over to your Etsy right now!

  5. So exciting, congrats lady you deserve it!!! xo