Hers and Hers

Friends, you know how I posted a while back about the fact that etsy has little to no lesbian-centered items? No hers and hers anything. (HELLO! What an untapped niche market! Someone holla at ya gays!)
Well, my sweet friend and fellow local blogger Beth read this post and you know what she did?

She had some made for us as an engagement gift!

A) How sweet is she?! And, B) how lucky am I to have friends like this?

Find these and more at Dad and Kiddo Pottery
Annnnnd, how cute are these?!

Just had to share the love today! Thank you, again, Beth!



P.S. My dear friend, Erin, has just launched her new etsy shop. This gal is so creative and talented and I am really proud of her new endeavor! She is also giving away a customized, hand-stamped leather necklace for her readers. Head over to her blog to see what she's up to and win one for yourself!
P.P.S. And the winner of the FOX plush from Laura Fisk (using the number generator) was entry #1 - MaryBeth from Occupation Houswewife! Congrats, MaryBeth!


  1. I am soooo happy you love them! I think they are quite awesome and I am going to make sure my friend who made them sees this post too because it will totally make her day! <3

  2. This is SO cute and SUCH a sweet gift!

  3. That is seriously so sweet!! What a great gift for a much deserving couple :)

  4. That's fantastic! Talk about an untapped market. This is great!

  5. Those mugs are too cute!!! I love the loose and loopy cursive writing. So sweet.
    And thank you darlin'!! I love your idea of what you'd have stamped on the necklace. You sentimental little thing!


  6. That clearly is a good idea!!


  7. amanda these are TOO CUTE!!! and you're right, there should be so many more lesbian-themed items on etsy. hopefully these mugs will inspire more like them :)

  8. This is so cute, I think I'd wanna give my best friend something like this :) Anyway, great blog would you like to follow each other?


  9. I am so glad you like them!! Beth's request inspired us to make a bunch of 'choose your gender' mug sets for the holiday art and craft sales and we sold a ton!! We are making more for the spring festivals. Congrats to you and your sweetie! I hope you both enjoy using them! <3

  10. just catching up here, but those mugs are so awesome and what a super sweet gift to get! I'm checking out her shop now!

  11. I had read that post, but totally forgot where I had read it, so wasn't able to give you credit for the idea when I contacted a fellow blogger who makes mugs for her Etsy shop and told her what I read and thought it was something for her to think about...don't think she ever made them though :/