Life Lately

Ladies! Happy Monday!

Now, I must apologize for being so silent lately.

Let's catch up, shall we?

After the first Tandem Vintage sale, I got everything organized and put away back in the basement. Finally! And, I have now started collecting for our next sale in May:

So freaking excited!

I've never had sales so close together, so there is a lot to be done this month. This motivated Ash and I to thrift Saturday and most of Sunday. Here is Ash tucked in the backseat with all the goods:

On the left is Jen. She helps us edit our carts so we don't buy everything. A shopping editor is essential and we love her.

It might have been the best Easter ever. The thrifts were empty and we went around and filled our carts all while getting half off. It was a good day!

I have a new method to the madness that seems to be working well, however. I am now washing/tagging as I go - it's so much easier and making it all a bit more manageable. I have a bin in the dining room and when it gets full, it's time to wash/tag. So far, I am digging this new process.

In other news - my etsy shop is indefinitely on vacation. 

Let me just break it down - in two days running our pop-up sale I made more money than in TWO YEARS in my etsy shop and sold more pieces than two years worth of selling on etsy. I am taking a break for now, but I am sure I will be back at it again at some point. But for now, no measuring, no listing, and no taking and editing pictures. I have to admit: I am loving this break. I get to now just spend my time focusing on what I love: finding amazing vintage.

Now, on top of all the sale prep, I have had two interviews locally for a new position. This is been fairly anxiety inducing for me, so I am just trying to take that part day by day and not freak out.


It seems like an interesting and super challenging position. Almost overwhelmingly challenging, but I think that might be a good thing. I am a bit scared (OK, I am scared outta my mind!), but at the same time, isn't it good to try new things and push yourself out of your comfort zone? I promise the minute I hear anything (good or bad), I will keep you posted.

So, that's pretty much life lately! C found out she was accepted to a teacher training program abroad -so she is going away in July for an all-expense, two-week trip to Germany. She is kicking ass right now and I am really proud of her. :) My July will definitely be a little lonesome, though, without her. If you're local, I am definitely going to need some mama time come July. :)

Wishing you all a fabulous Monday and sending you all a big hug!




  1. Amanda, that is INCREDIBLE about the sale!! Way to go!!
    And I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed about those jobs for you :)

  2. There is one week in July I'm on vacation, but otherwise I'm around - so we should definitely hang while C is gone! Good for her though, it sounds like an awesome opportunity!

    And good for you taking a break from Etsy - if Tandem Vintage has been this successful for you then obviously that is where it's at!

    And I'm crossing my fingers re: The job!

  3. danggg. such good vibes over here. i love it.

    ps. i'm blown away buy your success selling locally, as opposed to online. good job!

  4. Wow, that's amazing Amanda...congrats! I wish I had a gal like you to run a pop up sale with over on my end of the world :-) Sounds like all the effort and stepping out of your comfit zone really paid off. Cheers to many many more successful pop ups for you ahead. Hugs lady, Marisa

  5. wow that is amazing about your pop up shop, so glad to hear it went that incredibly fantastic for you, that is huge!! and i agree, taking measurments and pics so much def gets old fast! huge congrats to C too, she must def be rockin' it to get that all paid, way to go her! fingers crossed for your interviews too.