Lady Loves

Hello, lady loves and a very happy Friday to you!

I know it's been reeeaaaallll quite around these parts. But know that I've been reading all my lady loves' posts (although not always commenting). We've had a busy month here in Minnesota. As I am sure you all know, by now, C and I can OFFICIALLY say I DO this October and we are over the moon. I cannot wait until that woman is my wife. October can't come soon enough!

Hell yes, Minnesota, you make us proud!

So much love.

And more love.

Baby rainbow love.

Here's the deal, mamas. I want to change up the hair. It's LONG, like longer than it's ever been, but it's BOring. So my friend Matty is going to help a sister out and give me some color. I have a few photos of what I am thinking. I thought I would also ask for your suggestions.

Here's my hair. Pardon the crappy photo taken in my cube.

All photos via Pinterest

Now, I don't want full-out ombre. I'm over that shit. However, I like the idea of having some blonde streaks underneath to give my waves some definition and to change things up a little.

What do you think? I just need a change!

Well, I am leaving work early and heading thrifting! Of course. But, I wanted to leave you with a few links for your Friday afternoon:

♥ Congrats to Hannah! She and Kristie got married last weekend and I am so happy for them! Big hugs and kisses to you both!

♥ Love, love, love Jen - and what do you know, mama made it on the Today show. She rocks my world.

♥ I have a new blog/vintage seller/lovely lady crush. I got to meet her when she came through the cities and she is sweet as pie!

Megan knows I have issues with trying to do cat-eyes. I have even resorted to having Cayla help me. <<head shaking>> So, she sent me this link and I am seriously going to try it. Why not?

♥  For the locals, this garage sale promises to have lots of goodies. I'll be there Saturday bright and early!

♥ I've listened to this no less than 20 times this week. It's my new jam. (Listen all the way through.)

p.s. Our second Tandem Vintage sale was a success! We are now working on sale number three!




  1. I say go with the blond streaks - it just screams summer! And I'm so glad the second sale went so well and that you're working on a third! Woo!! Have a great weekend lady! XO

  2. I love the blonde idea! It's so fresh and summery :) I really like the first picture's a big change, but happens subtly enough that it's not too jarring. I think it would be beautiful with your hair!!

    SO SO happy for you and Cayla and all of MN!!!! and thank you for the nice words, sweet as always! xoxo

  3. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

    marriage equality makes me soooo happyyyyyy. and i couldn't be happier for the direct impact the decision in minnesota has on you and cayla!! yayyyyy!!

  4. Love, love, love that pic of you and C- too adorable. I'm SO happy you guys are tying the knot and I'm really happy that this country is coming around to marriage equality. As far as the hair... I'm no expert and from what I see it looks pretty already :) I'm sure whatever you choose will look great! xo

  5. congrats, so happy for you and your state! this post made me so joyful.

    lindsey louise

  6. You two are so ADORABLE together, and I could not be happier for you and for this victory for human rights!


  7. omg I am so happy and excited for you two!! what a wonderful moment; i wish more states would follow suite asap. can't wait to hear more as it gets closer, will you have a full out wedding or just elope (we just eloped so that's why i ask the weird question). oh and the hair i dont know i think yours looks gorgeous as is! but i also have boring hair.
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