My friend Jill posted this and I read through it saying, " me...yes...uh huh...yep...totally."

Specifically, the eighth sign that you might be an introvert:

Me (mojito in lieu of wine):

Me and Sully at a blogger meet up:

Halloween with Ike:

Traveling abroad:

Housewarming party with Starla:

If we are at a party, and I've gone missing, look no farther than the resident animal and there I will be, embracing the pups and my introversion.




  1. Oh my god! This literally made me laugh out loud! I love you so much, you drunken snow white you!! I'm the same way though! Hahahaha! xoxo

  2. Ha! I love this!! I often times saddle up to the animals in a social situation too! Introverts unite!!

  3. Haha! This is awesome. Drunken Snow White is the best nickname I've ever heard.

  4. Ha I saw this same picture and was like "that's me!". I totally gravitate towards people's animals as soon as I get in their house.

  5. that is me as well - i'm always hiding in the corner playing with animals and rarely speaking to anyone but the pets hahah so awesome


  6. Laughing hard here...this is me to a T! Pets are so much less scary than people can be, right? These photos are you are so sweet A! Hope all is well on your end...happiest weekend darling! xo Marisa

  7. Oh, this is too good!! I've seen the cartoon before, but you've got the real life photos to back it up. Here's my thing... I'm pretty sure I talk to my two pups more than I talk to people, so I think I'm in your group. ;)

  8. Hey! Per your comment on my blog... I'm so excited you are sewing now too! I'm such a newbie, I have to look at my manual every single time I thread the machine, so no worries. Someday, I hope it will be second nature. ;)

    I can't wait to see your skirt!

  9. love your photos w/ all the animals. this is tot me too... in fact i accidentally say "hello" out loud to all the cute stray kitties as i bike home from work on a regular basis and then am like oops... people must've thought that was REALLY weird. sometimes i even stop my bike to try to pet them when we have 2 at home.
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  10. YES! This is me in a nutshell, too. Love it :)