31 Things

Good morning! Inspired by Bekuh's recent post, I thought I would share a few things on the blog today that you might not know about me.

1 //  My engagement ring is at the jeweler (when I went in to buy my wedding band, I was informed it was a size too big. Who knew?) and I look down 300 times a day in a panic thinking it fell off. Cannot wait to get it back!
2 // My family ALL still calls me Mandy (along with a few of my dearest friends and C). It makes me feel melty and loved when this this nickname is used.
3 // I've watched You've Got Mail at least 30 times.
4 // C is the first (and last) lady I've ever dated.
5 // I cannot eat mashed potatoes without corn.
6 // I really love Ke$ha. She is my guilty pleasure in the car and I dance and sing along. No shame.
7 // I have had enough jobs to last me a lifetime (to name a, Italian restaurant as a server, IHOP (server), Max and Erma's (server), Elephant Bar (server), Easy Street Bar (server and bartender), two different pools (lifeguard), nanny, The Gap, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Bath and Body Works, NY&Co., newspaper, writing teacher, book publisher, swim lessons to toddlers, daycare (in the toddler room for two years), freelance editor...
8 // I never took swim lessons but have loved to swim since I was tiny. My parents said I was a fish and have always just loved being in the water. I would love to live near the ocean one day.

9 // My besty lives in Cali and I miss her every day (more than the one before).
10 // I moved to Minnesota knowing nothing - NOTHING - about that state except having a vague memory that Brenda and Brandon Walsh moved from here to the 90210 zip code.
11 // I've decided to take C's last name. Who knew I would be so traditional?
12 // My dream job: opening my own vintage store (you probably knew that).
13 // I now collect: fawn/deer figurines; vintage perfume bottles, anything owls, anything strawberries (mostly in the kitchen), vintage bathing suits, wooden jewelry, vintage embroideries and pillows...I am sure I am missing a few here.
14 // I was not comfortable wearing a two piece until this year.
15 // I am always correcting someone's grammar (even if it's a sign on the side of the road)!
16 // Every night I say: "Let's go nigh-nights" to the pugs and they trot happily behind me and we all get in bed and cuddle (C too).
17 // I always wanted to be a dolphin trainer when I grew up. My dream is still to swim with one.
18 // I hate the smell of cooking meat. If I was single, I don't think I'd eat meat.
19 // I'm an only child.
20 // I drink at least 3 cups of coffee a day (usually more).
21 // I have Hashimoto's disease and have to take thyroid meds every day.
22 // My dad is 6'2" and my Mom is 5'8" and I came in right in the middle at 5'11".
23 // Because of this I never wore heels and I still can't.
24 // I have recently become obsessed with the show Mike and Molly. (I don't know either.)
25 // I have half of my christmas shopping done.
26 // My stress relief is thrifting (see above).
27 // I have to lose an inch before the wedding if I want to zip my dress...and since my cardio is thrifting that means I have A LOT of thrifting to do.
28 // If I like an author, I read their entire canon. So far I've read every book (poem) by these authors: Emily Dickinson, Tom Robbins, Toni Morrison, Nick Hornby, Louise Erdrich, and David Sedaris. Who's your favorite?
29 // I get panicky in elevators.
30 //  I like wearing bloomers under my dresses (especially when bikeriding).

31 //  C and I regularly quote the show Friends and no one EVER knows what the hell we are talking about because we are super nerdy. ("Joey doesn't share food." "I could eat some chicken." "Meat? Goooood. Jam? Goooood." "You just don't know." "I KNOW!"
If you feel inspired, post a similar list on your blog! I would love to read it!




  1. Cute your loved ones call you Mandy. I love having nicknames only our most loved ones call us and oh my, that is SO SO SO cute that C is the only lady you’ve ever dated!! That totally melts my heart! I’m the only one my hubby has ever dated and although I dated before, I love that he’s the only one I’ve ever loved. Wow that is so many diff jobs indeed! Haha so funny w/ your pugs, animals are just so tender (and well, significant others too : ). Finally, praise the heavens, finally someone else who wouldn’t say a thing about my coffee intake : )
    You have to lose an inch!? What, why did you buy such a tiny dress, you already look teeny tiny!! Oh bloomers, now that’s an idea, I always wear running shorts under my skirts/dresses every day to bike to work but bloomers sound more comfy. Where do you buys those nowadays?
    And clearly by my comment novel, I HAVE LOVED hearing more about you!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  2. I love this post! I can relate to number 31 - I know every quote from Friends and no one else really gets it around me either! I'm quite jealous you're already half done Christmas shopping! I should be that on the ball given the fact that I'll have a tiny human consuming my life AT Christmas time this year. Anyway, as I said before, fun post my dear! <3

  3. I love this list!! And I'm with you when it comes to the Christmas shopping ;)

  4. Oh I love this post to bits! So many of these things I can relate too - the Mr. and I are total Friends nerds too, hehe and I'm such a stickler for grammar (though the way I use it when writing comments is atrocious..haha). And seriously - how sweet is that about you and C! You are making me smile over here :-)

    So so happy for you Miss A! Very best wishes as you prepare for your me, the week before will do it as far as the weight losing thing goes. The adrenaline in that week alone will get you into your dress :-)

  5. Love this post- so fun to learn more about you! Thrifting is totally my stress relief too, I totally justify it as cheap retail therapy but I think it's added up quite a bit as this year required a lot of therapy :) I LOVE David Sedaris and just finished the most recent book this weekend. I'm going to check out some of your other recs! Hope your week is off to a good start!

  6. My fav author is probably still Bret Easton Ellis... I still remember reading his 'Less Than Zero', a weird, Hollywoody book about disenchanted rich kids doing nothing. But I really caught on when I read American Psycho... I've never read a book that made me so horrified/repulsed, that made me laugh so hard (to the point of hiccup cry-laughing), where I read the first passages in a book about a person having a panic attack that I could really relate to (even though the character was a psycho serial killer)... I quote that book often.

    And, I'd love to do my own list like yours above... maybe I'll work on that! :)

  7. we bought pre-made fried chicken to bring camping and i had to put it in the scamp while we drove. the smell of cooking chicken at grocery stores makes me absolutely nauseous!