Home Inspirations

I had a small setback with the re-decorating, friends.

The chair I bought from a local vintage shop - that was super spendy and a total impulse buy - broke after a week. The legs straight up collapsed. Are you kidding me? So the living room is feeling pretty empty with just a couch and coffee table and I have been looking all around for inspiration to make it complete!

These are some of my favorites from this week:

We have lots of globes...

Loving the mismatched prints on the pillows...

That couch? The chairs? Yes, please.

I really love this chair and footstool...And the fact that she is wearing pearls and heels to serve her partner...



The hunt continues, friends. I have about a month until ALL the family comes to town. If you are local and want to re-decorate for me, come on over - I promise to serve you cocktails in pearls sweatpants and heels slippers! 

Have a lovely Tuesday!



  1. Ahh that green chair and foot stool? Stop. Those are the best.

  2. I want to splurge on some decorating so bad! I feel ya, when family comes to town you really want your place at it's best. Bummer about the chair- can it be fixed??

  3. Huh, I thought I commented on this...

    First- oh, how fun you have lots of globes! Second- all these inspiration pics make me excited to see what you are going to be doing to decorate your house. I am slowly trying to get our house a bit more decorated too- especially the living room. It is a bit more....manly, I guess as a lot of the furniture is heavier and the walls are painted a dark green, but I am actually liking it thought it can be a bit different than what I'd normally be drawn too...

  4. you know i will come over and help anytime. i might even bring a globe.