Lots to Love

This has been a crazy week...weeks...whatever. We are 18 days from THE BIG DAY so I am basically, at this point, just trying to not lose my shit. So far, so good.

Part of this plan is to re-decorate the house as you know - it's been a lovely distraction.

Our Tandem Vintage sale this last weekend was a success too! The salon was the perfect venue for a pop-up, complete with an amazing stage!

This is just a smidge of what we brought. We are hoarders. No, but really.

I met tons of new people and had a fun time hanging with my partner in crime Ash. I am always so grateful to my friends who come out to support us too. We are so lucky.

One of our regulars, Alexandra - she's the cutest!

OK, so I may have a pillow problem.

Here is one of the stylists modeling one of our capes. (She took it home, of course!)

On Sunday, we decided to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. We had a ton of foot traffic, which helped a lot. :)
Our friend Jess also sold some of her hand-made earrings. And, I may have bought three pairs.

To top it off, I had a meeting last night with a local vintage seller. They are located in a super busy area of Minneapolis and we talked about collaborating. It was super inspiring and my fingers are crossed that big things might be in store for our little ol' Tandem Vintage. A permanent space might be happening, friends! I will keep you posted.

Wishing you a lovely day, dears.




  1. It was a great location! I am still bummed out I missed out on that cape.

  2. That cape is awesome- I'm glad it found a loving home. And those earrings?? Amazing. I'm impressed you stopped at 3. This is great news my friend, can't wait to see things unfold. 18 days?? What?!

  3. 18 days!!!!!!! So so exciting.

  4. so many exciting things all at once! I'd love to shop that collection of yours- I'm crushing on the cape and those brogues pretty hard.

  5. Oh my lord, you've got a LOT going on haha! And aahhh fingers crossed that the collaboration works out,that sounds like an amazing opportunity. And your pop up shop looks awesome- i really like that cape!

    xo marlen
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  7. So happy with what I bought at your sale and a permanent spot to sell would be amazing! My fingers are crossed for you! If you need help with anything or a drink, let me know. Can't wait to see how your wedding will turn out :)

  8. Ahhh your big day must be so soon! That cape from the Tandem sale is SO pretty and I absolutely love the stage setup! I hope you are having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah