My $3 Vintage Haul!

Hello friends!
This weekend, local vintage sellers Here We Go Alice had a vintage reduction yard sale. I went with a few friends and after we each bought a few things, we were getting ready to leave when they told us it was noon which meant fill a bag for $3 time.

I immediately grabbed a bag and filled it with the following:

Mustard crock pot...embroidered tablecloth...16 hankies for wedding...beaded box

pillow cases....aprons....strawberry tablecloth.....birdy embroidery

 more hankies.....

 this clock!

So, yeah. All of that for $3. Best bargains of the season I would say!

I also got this cute vintage radio for $10 - and it works. It's found a new home in our kitchen.

Aside from all of the garage and estate saling, we also had our third wedding shower (so fun), went to the beach, cleaned the house, tagged for the sale next weekend, and went with my friend Ashley while she got this amazing tattoo. We named her Eleanor. Her tattoo artist is super talented. I am thinking of having her finish my tattoo....which I started two years ago...and can't finish because it hurt so bad...and I still cringe at the thought of it and the sound.......but I love seeing other people get them! I am finishing it this year. It's happening. :)

Cheers to 90 degrees in September in Minneapolis! And amazing fill-a-bag sales! And one month to the wedding! And, of course, cheers to Eleanor! And finishing your tattoo like a bad ass!

Have a very happy Monday!




  1. Wonderful finds!! I love that radio, it is too cute!! And I would love a tattoo after baby but I've been rather wimpy about it too. Maybe someday though!

  2. OMG, sooo jealous. LOVE the clock and all the linens. Way to make out at a sale. I love vintage, even wrote a vintage novel I just found your blog. Wonderful! I'll look for more posts.

  3. whaaaaat?? most amazing thing i've read all day. such a steal!

  4. great finds! that radio is awesome. perfect for listening to talk radio while making breakfast :)

  5. I LOVE THOSE BIRDS!!! Excellent finds :)

  6. You found some great things! And congratulations on your upcoming wedding and everything else going on! :)

  7. What a haul- that is seriously crazy!! That tattoo is so cute. I totally understand why you haven't finished yours. I have the smallest flower (cliche, I know!) that I got when I was 18 and it hurt so bad. Every time I even THINK I want one Brian just laughs knowing that I'm the biggest wimp for that sort of thing :) But I love them on other people!