Our New Home

Hello friends! It's another frigid day in Minnesota, but the sun is shining and I'm chair-dancing (i.e., move my hips and tap my feet and bob my head but not enough so anyone in my office notices) to this currently. The track, Ghost, is today's favorite. Life is good, man.

Day 21 not smoking. Fuck yes. I am doing it, and I am really proud of myself. I treated myself to a massage last week and it was AMAZING. I plan to spoil myself rotten each week if I stay smoke free.

I've also been gluten free for about a month now. I have not had one stomach ache since I started and it's been a lot easier than I thought it would be. I also am feeling a lot better in terms of my mood. I am leaning toward grain free - but still eating rice, quinoa, and lots of legumes. C has been making us really delicious dinners - lucky for me she is trying to make this whole process as delicious as possible.

Friday was my FIRST Friday off. I am now only working four days per week at my full-time job, so I can focus more on Tandem Vintage. I am also still freelancing for a non-profit doing some writing and editing, so my plate is still full, but I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted because I have a WHOLE day to now work at the shops, get organized, SHOP, tag, and hopefully start having time to just relax!

Friday we moved a couple more racks into Find Furnish and spent the day tagging and organizing our space. It's a work in progress, but we are excited to make it ours. We want to have a big party to celebrate our new home. We are working on that. I wish you could all come! :)

This is what I want to build for the space!

I also purchased this book last week. You can see where my head's at! My mom is not feeling this plan - "what about when you have kids?" "health insurance?" "retirement?" "what if, what if, what if..."

And then I think, but WHAT IF I was living the life of my dreams...Would love to hear your thoughts if you currently are self-employed or ever think about making that leap.

Big hugs and love!



  1. ah girl i am SOOO excited for you!! first of all, the space loooks amazing!! that's awesome you could go pt at work, that is huge! and huge kuddos on quitting smoking! i usually have no reference point w/ that and just know it must be tough but then thing no wait, i'm a huge crackout w/ coffee & that'd be killer to quit so ya, huge props on that too! and yay, another gf friend :). C sounds like the sweetest person ever too. like if i ever got to meet you both i'd want to give her a huge squeeze too and she'd be like umm who are you!? but ok i'm actually the worst at setting definite plans/goals, but i guess even if i usually don't articulte them well I do sit down and make time to work on them (some) so i'll prob stop comment rambling to you. love what you're doing w/ your life though girl!

  2. I'm SO happy for you and that all of this is working out so well! And I too am trying to think out of the box a little bit to see if I can get more time with my baby - but my hubby is looking for a change too so there is a lot in the air right now. Anyway, can't wait to visit your new space! And hell yeah 21 days, you rock star!! Remember my treat to you - beer and baby Boo! :)

  3. Congrats on the no smoking! That's quite an achievement! Also, the book you just bought looks veeeery interesting...might have to read it too.

  4. So so happy for you on the not smoking, the day off and the new space. I'll be heading over there soon to check it out! Let's hang soon!

  5. I'm desk-dancing today toooo! To "To You" by Young Wonder and pretty much everything else on this playlist: I hope your first Friday off was equal parts thrilling and productive, and I'm SO PROUD of you for going almost a WHOLE MONTH sans cigarettes!! You're a big inspiration to Kristie. XOXO

  6. I'm so excited for you and I find this extremely inspiring. And you are totally doing this a responsible way by making the slow transition! Since I was a server for so long I had to think about all of those things myself and it's not impossible, lemme tell ya! I've been managing my own IRA for 10 years, I paid out of pocket for health insurance until last year when I was able to get on Brian's, and I've never had a paid day off yet go on as many trips as possible. I'm still a contractor and don't get benefits but I don't even think twice about it. Sorry for the long ass comment, but I'm saying that you can do it- you just have to include it in your budget! And you'll be happier! xo