Holiday Inspirations

So, I just realized that Christmas is next weekend. NEXT weekend?! We haven't even sent out our holiday cards yet! I still have shopping to do! I can't believe it. I need to get on it. But rather than sitting down to write out Christmas cards or do my final holiday shopping, I thought I would share a few holiday inspirations. These gems truly are getting me in the holiday spirit.

Grab a sugar cookie and enjoy!  

This MIGHT fit in my stocking? (via BK Writing Machines on etsy)

I want this dress worn by cutie pie Emma

The back is AMAZING

We already have a growing collection of paint by numbers
but we don't have a winter one yet! (via Forrest in a Vintage on etsy)

This dress (worn by my girl crush)

This collar for Scarlett! (via Doe a Deer on etsy)

This wreath for our front door (via Walnut Street House on etsy)

This bow blouse from Fleet Collection on etsy

This adorable pearl and bow necklace

It seems like my wish list just keeps getting longer and longer (and longer...)




  1. I absolutely LOVE Zooey Deschanel!!! I have such a huge girl crush on her too!