Woodland Friends

Hi friends! I hope you had a delightful weekend.

I was actually sick all weekend. I stayed on the couch most of the time and watched lots of movies and caught up on my growing stack of magazines. I also wrapped lots (and lots) of Christmas presents. I am feeling better today, although now my honey is sick. :(

We also had a little guest this weekend, Miss Starla. She is just a little peanut-sized bundle of joy. There was no shortage of cuddles and love this weekend with her around.

I also made dog treats (star-shaped ones for Starla, too)! They are peanutbutter, pumpkin, and almond and the puppies love them!

Yesterday, I was finally starting to feel better so Sara and I went to see Midnight in Paris. Have you seen it? Now I know Woody Allen films are not everyone's cup of tea, but I am a big fan. I absoultely loved this one! The film is about a young writer who is in Paris with his fiance, all the while dreaming he lived in Paris in the 1920s. Every night at midnight, he travels back to the 20s and meets his literary role models, from T.S. Eliot to F. Scott Fitzgerald to Hemingway. I, of course, loved when he went to visit Gertrude Stein so she could read his novel. (Oh what I wouldn't give to be able to visit Gertrude and Alice's apartment in France!) Anway, the movie exactly what I needed: wandering the streets of Paris -- the fashion, the music, and my favorite authors!

It's definitely worth a netflix in my book!

On Sunday morning, I worked on taking photos for the give-away for December. All of my cute little woodland creatures came out, wanting to be part of the give-away. And so they shall. This is the biggest give-away I've ever done for the shop. It's going to be FULL of fun vintage goodies that the winner can keep or share with her vintage-lovin' friends. There will be vintage jewerly, tins, and cute housewares. I really can't wait!

Here's a sneak peak of just a few of the items that will be in the give-away:

Details on the give-away will be coming soon! Promise!

Hope you are all staying healthy and warm! I am on my third pack of Emergen-C and my second tangerine! I am going to kick this cold's ass, I tell ya!




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  1. I haven't seen Midnight in Paris, but it is on my Netflix cue.