Winter Inspiration: Beautiful Laughter

photo via / poem via Hafiz

Hi friends,

It feels like it's been way too long since my last post. Please forgive me. It's been real chilly in these parts, and I have to admit: I've been hibernating. It's dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home. I kind of hate it.

I spent the WHOLE weekend in pajamas (albeit VERY comfy warm flannel grandma pajamas), reading (on my third book this month!!), and watching movies while cuddling with the pugs (puggling?). OK, maybe I got dressed *a few* times to go thrifting and estate saling with my better half. (Never too blue for bargains, I say.) But yes, I have felt a little blue, just a little, but my friend Kristi reminded me that now is the time to retreat, to stay in with your loved ones and snuggle and love and be warm and cozy. (Thank you for always putting such a bright spin on things, K. Love you for that.)

This happens every winter. There comes a point when I just miss the sunshine. I miss farmer's markets, riding my beautiful pink bike, laying on the beach, picking flowers...You know. You get it.

But I must remember that it's OK to stay in, to feel a little less motivated, and to find joy in the cold, sugar-speckled and sparkled mornings, knowing that spring (in all its glory) will be here soon.

Maybe I need a vacation? If you are reading this dearest Erin, let's buy those tickets to Georgia sooner than later, darlin. I think a little Savannah would be good for me right about now.

Much love,




  1. You are not alone. This is that time of year for a lot of people. I think we need to keep going to movies and enjoying our jammy time together :)

  2. Let's do it!! Beach, seafood and spanish moss ;)

  3. i feel ya! i'm forcing myself outdoors more this winter-- the sun helps even if you have to absorb it in just a few damn degrees :)