Mad Men and Measuring

Last night, Cayla has class, so I had the house all to myself.

I got home from work and walked straight to the kitchen to feed the dogs and then let them out. But next to their food container was a note: Hi Love! Already Fed and Walked the Dogs! Have a good night!

You see, this is why I am the luckiest gal alive. Her thoughfulness and kindness - really -  are nonstop, and sometimes I can't even handle it. So, so lucky.

But back to my night!

Next up, I decided to make a tuna casserole, or as they would say around these parts, a tune hotdish. Cayla *hates* tuna, so I thought this would be a  good night to make it since it's one of my favorites. I used my old recipe, but substituted gluten-free noodles (yes, still sticking to that new year's resolution). It was actually really good! Then I got comfy on the couch with a pug on each side, Mad Men playing in the background, and measured a few items for my shop and added a few new items.

I am having trouble now with the darkness and snow outside! I can't very well drag my dressform out in the snow. And the lighting in our house is HORRIBLE. I haven't really figured out what to do...It's a daily dilemma as I see the hoards of vintage piling up because I can't list them in my shop. Sigh. Can't I just invite everyone over to shop in my basement? Amanda's Vintage Market? No?

BUT, the good news is, I did get these beauties photographed when it was still sort of nice out, so here are a few new items I added last night.

Navy Cardigan w/Pockets

Lovely Bird and Rose Pendant on long silver chain

Floral / geometric skirt in rose (medium)

Cocoa, ivory, and blue floral dress (XL)

Oh, and congrats (!!) to Kayla over at Love Sparkle Pretty for winning the Salvaged Strawberry give-away over at Sandy a la Mode. Yay! Can't wait to send you your new shoes! :)

I am so HAPPY today is Friday. We are going to see Ides of March at the cheap theatre by our house, which also has the BEST popcorn in the Twin Cities. I can't wait! Then it's up before the birds to do hot yoga with Erin at 8 a.m.

Am I crazy? Hot yoga? We'll see how that goes. My friend Patrick said I just have to "remember to breathe" and I can go as slow as I need to. Does it count if you lay on your mat and just breathe the whole time? 

Have a lovely weekend, dearies!

Much love,



  1. Hot yoga? Yikes! Don't forget to come to the swap! I haven't seen you in forever!

  2. Hot yoga, hey? Maybe I will join you two....

  3. Bah! Photography in the winter is such a bummer! We just moved to a new house and I was hoping for brighter, better lit rooms but I was sorely disappointed. I've ordered once of those fancy pop-up flash bouncers from Photo Jojo but I'm still waiting on it's arrival.

  4. PS These Mary Janes are flipping adorable!!

  5. ooo jeannine takes our clothing photos outside now, and boy is that getting difficult. that last dress is awesome!

  6. Tuna casserole and Mad Men and a warm couch full of pugs, all to yourself? Sounds like my dream come true!!!

  7. Where are you doing the Hot Yoga?