Cure for Your February Blues? Think Pink

Good morning, friends! I am still a bit tired from our sale this weekend, and my dining room is covered in clothes, boxes, and racks, because I haven't found the energy to load all of my stock back into the basement, *much* to my better half's dismay. But, it was a true success and I will post a re-cap with photos tomorrow! :)

Today I bring you some of my bright and lovely favorites to get your week started off on a cheerful note!

Last week, while scouting around my blogs (the list keeps getting longer and I love that -- so many talented bloggers out there) and etsy shops, I noticed I was drawn to all things PINK. Ok, ok, and red and anything with a heart on it pretty much.

Maybe it's the weather? The winter time blues? But I do think pink is the happiest color.

So, here are a few of my favorites, and yes, you'll see the trend shortly.

Strawberry Cake Cookies with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting

♥ This clock. Love!

♥ OK, so not pink, but this "Sweetheart Headband" is adorable and it is hearts and it makes me happy! (via Susannah Bean on etsy) She's also having a sale in her shop right now. Use code SWEETHEART20 for 20% off. That's a hand-made bargain, I tell ya!

♥ This WHOLE pyrex collection...


♥ This pink typewriter wrapping paper! I want it!

This feather print from River Luna:


♥ This heart blouse from Wunderbar Vintage

I just love pink.

Oh and don't forget to head over to Susannah Bean's blog for a Salvaged Strawberry give-away. There are a bunch of cute items I am giving away, including a vintage skeleton key necklace and a daisy carry all. So cute! (go enter!!)




  1. I'm glad you like my cookies! Everything else looks fun and cute!

  2. I love it! I made pink chocolate chip pancakes yesterday just to brighten my night. Everything is better in color!

  3. That red headband is super cute. I am ready for February to be over so it can be spring.

  4. Those cookies look so delicious. That headband is seriously cute, too. The heart just makes it so unique.