Vintage Pop-Up Launch

So, last weekend was the first official sale of the Band of Thrifters. I had so much fun getting to spend the weekend with Maria and John! Thank you so much to my friends and followers who were able to come in! We couldn't have done it with out all of your love and support! I am so lucky to have such amazing friends. I really am.

Our launch party was Friday night and the space was packed! It was so wonderful to see so many vintage lovers perusing our racks! There was a line out the door to even get in! I would say our first sale was a success!


We are planning another sale for spring, and as soon as I know the dates, I will keep ya posted. Until then, I will be adding a lot of spring and summer clothes to the ol' etsy shop. After spending two days at the pop-up this weekend, John and I still went to a few thrift stores and estate sales on Sunday and I found some really great stuff. It's an addiction.

And here are some photos from the sale!

For the fellas:

For the ladies:

A little of this:

My dear friend Liz and my honey: 

Again, love, hugs, and kisses for all the support, friends. I can't wait for the next one!



  1. Sorry I missed it! I did pass the email along to a few vintage-loving friends, though.

    Next time for sure!

  2. i will make the next one, too! i hate that i missed it! it looks like it was really fun, and congrats on the success of it! can't wait till spring!

  3. The set up was amazing. It looked like you had been at that location for months! Very impressive :). I am wearing my lovely choker today although it doesn't match my outfit. I almost came back in for the rose pendant :) but I had to stick to my budget!

  4. I loved every millisecond of it!!!

  5. Congrats on your successful sale! I wish I lived close to come support AND shop all that great vintage you have! Like Helene said, it really does look like you've been there for months!

  6. Watching for the next one! The pictures are great!

  7. oh gosh i see so much that i want! haha

  8. Thanks, darlin! I'd love for you to come to the next one! Hoping for Spring!

  9. Thanks for sharing the love! I hope to see you soon though!

  10. oh my god this looks like a dream! i wish we lived closer!