Freaking Brilliant

Bravo to the brilliant bloggers out there.

I love you, and I love finding inspiration from you all each and every day.

Today is an ode to their creativity!

When I saw this first photo, I knew I had to do a post.

I have vintage glove boxes all over the place.

I knew I would think of something to do with them. I see them at estate sales in pretty pastels and always snatch them up.

Then I saw this post in blogger land today by Vixen Vintage, and I thought: Yes! Perfect!

I love the talented, creative women out there blogging and sharing these great gems of wisdom. This is happening on my dresser. It's happening.

Creative storage ideas, when you are a hoarder vintage collector, are truly gems.

I have train cases all over the place! Totally making one into my new knitting kit. (My first scarf is coming along quite nicely, too! Can't wait to show you the finished product. This one via Pintrest.


In my home, everything serves another purpose! Vintage cake plate stand, when you don't have a cake on you, you make a lovely holder to arrange candles on our coffee table! Vintage tins, when I fill you with rocks, you make terrific bookends! :)

Do you have any nifty storage ideas? I'd love to hear them!



p.s. A super lovely give-away going on over at Honey Kennedy today. ♥ I am pretty much swooning over this gal's whole shop!

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