Dancing Elephants and Walking in the Rain

Happy Friday!

Last night I got to spend the evening with this little peanut. It was pretty much amazing.

She just might be the most beautiful baby I've ever laid eyes on.

AND TODAY...We leave for Madison to celebrate my DEAREST Brittany's birthday!

I cannot wait! Did I mention we are staying at a house with a hot tub?

This day cannot go by fast enough! Time for hanging with good friends and celebrating the wonderful and lovely B.

I just love road trips!

Today I am feeling happy and bright, and wanted to share the sunshine!

Here are a few of my favorite smile-inducing finds from the week.

And yet another vintage tin to add to my groooOOOOWING collection. Running out of room on the shelf in my kitchen. But I love them. Most are made in Holland or England, and I especially love the floral ones. I found this one last weekend, too!

These beatiful flowers from my darling:

This floral tote from Fringe Betty! I cannot wait for summer, clearly!

This floral skirt from Bombshell Bettie -- lots of great vintage on sale and a super adorable shop!

This recipe cocktail box with elephants from Affordable Adornment! Cuuuute!

This hat box from Feed Your Soul Threads! The inside is amazing, too!

This pillow from My Bearded Pigeon:

This set from SwirlingOrange 11

This bag (OK, OK, I know, enough with the horses, right?) I realize it's BRITTANY'S birthday weekend, but I just got myself an early birthday present:

Oh, and this colander that I found at an estate sale last weekend! Did I really need another one? Not really. But we didn't have one with strawberries on it!

I am also LOVING...

These planters (awe-some!) for your bike!

This necklace from Modcloth! It looks like my Parker!

I wish you a weekend full of wild horses, dancing elephants, friends, love, and laughter!




  1. You're amazing AND I love that hat box! YUM. Happy weekend darling -- hope to see you soon, and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING MISS Z!

  2. i cannot wait for summer either. i'm from nc and its been in the 80s! i miss the nice weather!

  3. I LOVE hot tubs! Have fun celebrating this weekend! Those are all amazing finds and I hope I find every one of them thrifting sometime :)

  4. lloooove the strawberry colander!

  5. completely in love with that pitcher and glasses! youre blog is wonderful, i'll be back!

    britta from