Does This Vest Make Me Look Like a Doily?

Cheers to my first post on Blogger and happy Monday, friends!

It was a whirl-wind weekend with a trip to Milwaukee and back again, but we had a great time! I even convinced Cayla to stop at an estate sale on our way out of town on Friday. It was maybe the craziest estate sale I've ever been to. They actually had guards, which was weird. But this home served as a well-needed reminder of what I will turn into if I do not get my collecting under control!

She was a hoarder I tell ya! A straight-up certified HOARDER. I mean, 50 mink coats. Come on, girlfriend.

Now, everything was wayyyy OVERpriced (a sweater for $40? No thank you!), so I left with only a few bargains, but they were must-haves, so I am happy we stopped.

(And, yes, that is a Judy Garland record. Cayla is obsessed with all things JUDY.)

First up, are these dear little horse salt and pepper shakers. (Yes, the horse obsession continues...)

I also found this AMAZING vest. Cayla wasn't a fan...And, OK, maybe I look like a HUGE doily. But I LOVE it! I can see wearing it a ton this summer!

Well, I'm off! Wish me luck!

Tonight is my second softball game! Last week, was our first. I had two goals: 1) catch the ball once. (I suck, so I was starting small); and 2) don't get hit in the face with a ball.

Well, not only did I catch a ball, but I HIT a ball! AND, made it to first base!

That'll teach the other team to yell: "EASY OUT!" when I come up to bat.


My hit brought someone home from third and tied the game! Woot!

And, I did not get in hit in the face with a ball.

Success all around!




  1. I like the vest, I think it's very summery! I love your puppy too.

    Kudos to you on softball - I was never good at that sport! I was the girl running away from the ball!

  2. Yay for being on blogger! I was wondering where your blog went from my feed! First off, yay Judy!!! Second, I seriously am in love with your pup. I don't care if I sound like a weirdo. Third, I LOVE that vest and I would gladly rock it. Although I am regularly told that I dress like furniture (drapes, couches, doilies) ...I've just stopped caring :) Xo Lori

  3. Eep you're the cutest! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following along! I LOVE those salt+pepper shakers and your doily vest : ) And your glasses. And your hair. And your little puppy. Very nice!

  4. Wow! $40 for a sweater!!!! Jeebus! So you are on blogger? Where we're you before? And I love the doily ;)
    Toni xo

  5. Horse salt & pepper shakers?? So perfect for you! Looks like there were some pretty amazing clothes there, too bad the were so expensive. Boo. I love the vest, it will make for some cute summer layering. I played softball in middle & high school and those balls are not soft at all. I was totally hit in the face and the ankle when up to bat. My fear of the ball combined with my daydreaming in outfield made me the worst player ever. Congrats on the move to Blogger and a more usable format for you. It looks great and I'm excited to see where you are headed!

  6. dang. $40 for a sweater is frustrating. It looks like you got some awesome stuff though, so congrats! The vest is pretty sweet if I do say so myself.
    Congrats on your softball game!

  7. Cute vest! And I love the salt and pepper shakers, as would my daughter. Those would set on the table for about 15 seconds and then they would be galloping through the house at 5-year-old speed.