An Ode to My New Clogs

I've been very lucky with give-aways lately. Photos to come, I promise!

I won these amazing Ugglebo clogs from Amy's blog not too long ago (and she has another give-away, go win yourself a pair!), and I couldn't believe it! I have been waiting for it to warm up here so I could rock them, and I finally got the chance this weekend!

Scarlett was pretty excited when I got my package too:

There were so many beautiful types to choose from, but I went with red because I don't have any red shoes, and I just fell in love with these!

Giddyup, I say!

This is one of my favorite dresses, too. It's SO comfortable and twirly, and you know I can't resist anything vintage and floral!

Dress: Vintage via Midwest Vintage on Etsy
Clogs: Ugglebo
Cardigan: Thrifted 
Backpack: Urban Outfitters (clearance, baby!)

I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot of these clogs on the blog. 1) Because they are amazing; and 2) Inspired by my gal pal Lisa's post, I will not be buying any NEW shoes for a while. I am joining her in her second-hand pledge! Yeah! That's right. No malls (thank, God!). No Urban Outfitters (sad face). It's second-hand only for me, friends. And I'm pretty excited about it. It's time to get creative with my closet! I can feel my bank account growing already!




  1. LOVE these shoes! They are so cute! I need some red sandals in my life for real.

    Hi puppy! :)

  2. You are a lucky lady! I'm glad you went with red, they look darling. And I can see why that's a favorite dress- it's so cute! Thank you so much for the offer to read any papers- that is so nice! I'm lucky that since I'm an art major I mostly have projects but this summer I'm taking a communications class so I may take you up on that! Also re: shoes- you are the sweetest! :) Love that you are doing the thrifting challenge with me!

  3. Cute cute cute! Especially that little pug. I just want to stuff her in my purse and run away with her!

  4. Those shoes are freaking adorable! What an awesome win!


  5. That's awesome! I've won a necklace in a giveaway before, but never shoes! I'm jealous!


  6. i won a pair of lotta clogs on a giveaway a few months ago and i was SO excited. these are adorable! I went with a camel colored closed toe but i'm really diggin' these. i think these red ones might have to be my next clog purchase! ;]


  7. thsoe are so cute! i never thought i would say that about clogs.