This Is My Reason

So, I have been doing my pop-up vintage sales for a few years, and in September, my etsy shop will have been open one year. (Best believe there will be an anniversary par-tay, ya'll, that shop takes WORK.)

I love doing both, but what I LOVE most about pop-up sales is getting to see my friends/customers IN MY CLOTHES. I get to see their happy faces when the dress they love fits them perfectly. I get to see them twirl in a skirt that they've been looking for forever.

I get to know my peeps, talk to them, laugh with them...

This is not so with etsy.

YES, sometimes, I do get amazing feedback, but I don't get to see that SMILE when they open their package, and I wish I did, because I spend so much time on each one. From the wrapping to the card, to looking through my stock to see if a belt or purse might match, because you know I am throwing it in, too. :)

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE dressing my forms, hanging with the pugs, and snapping photos. It's one of my favorite things. But I miss that personal connection.

But then, last week, I got this e-mail, and it reminded me why I love doing this (other than being obseeeEEEssed with vintage).

It's to help people find vintage they love, too.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Tagging in my living room right before a sale! Crazy!"][/caption]

Here's the letter from a gal who bought my 1950s mink coat. She's a peach. Made my week, friends.

Hi Amanda,

The coat arrived today.  It is just beautiful.  I have it here at the table.   It really is beautiful. The fur is a great quality.  The color is beautiful and the lining is in wonderful condition.  I am wearing it to Easter with  my black slaks and silk shirt.  I have a hat that will go with it.  The color of the coat.  It matches the fur beautifuly.   What can I say? Thank you so much for the beautiful coat.  Just love it. What a wonderful Easter Bunny gift to my self.  Thanks again for selling it to me.  I will think of you when I wear it.  It is just the style that goes with my slacks. Thanks again. Happy Easter. 

See? Doesn't that just make your heart warm and goo-y? I know mine is.

Love each and every one of you!



  1. i was going to ask you if you ever did live sales, now i won't! it is nice to talk to people in person, but i am the opposite of you - i find live sales really really exhausting! so much work in tagging, prepping, schlepping...

  2. LOVE the new header Amanda!! I just saw the pic on Instagram of your packaging and it's really nice! I can tell you put a lot of time into it and each one is special. Selling online is so much work, with styling, photos, editing, descriptions, packaging, and post office trips. I admire anyone that does it a lot. By the way... your house looks really awesome and you have A LOT of vintage. Can't wait to come visit :)