Pop-Up Sale Preview Part 2

Good morning, friends!

Last night we had friends over for cider and sunshine and it was glorious. But I had just enough time to snap a couple photos of a few of my favorite items heading to the Pop-Up Sale this weekend. I am so excited. Months and months of collecting, and the big weekend is almost here! There is still a lot to do, but I am almost ready! Tonight I will be finishing tagging jewelry and purses and then it's smooth sailing! :)

Scarlett, my little ham, was hanging with me in the yard, and she just loves being by her mama so you'll see her mug a few times, too.

Vintage Suitcases...Love this pink one. (You have no idea how much I want to keep this!)

Butterfly jewelry box:


Fawns and Such (and the little door opens and holds a pad of paper!):

Vintage Invites (so cute!):

And, of course, dresses, dresses, and more dresses:

And, here are the tags for the sale. Custom made by Blossom Stamps (she's the BEST!).

I really wish you all could be there! :) I promise to take lots of photos!

Have a lovely day, friends!




  1. A --
    You have to keep that pink suitcase! It's awesome. Good thing I don't live in the Minne; I'd never let you sell anything ; )

  2. Scarlett is too cute! I love that pink suitcase and the butterfly jewelry box too. And I'm so excited for all your dresses, I'll be heading to that rack first! :)

  3. you need to email me right now about that little sundress with the tulips. WILL IT FIT ME?!??!?

  4. Wow I pretty much love everything here! I think you are going to sell everything, I mean how could you not! Everything is so cute!

  5. Such amazing dresses!! Are they going to be in the shop if they don't sell?? I love both the green ones- especially the first daisy one! I'm such a dress addict :) I wish I could be there!

  6. i love that crewel work, and that fawn note box!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH. If i saw that in a shop i wouldn't be able to resist. if you don't sell it at your pop up please list it in your shop!!!
    i love seeing your little pug too. my girls are ALWAYS around my feet, and i usually can't resist taking their picture too. they are actually both trying to fit in my lap right now. i love velcro pugs.