Thrift Store Scores

I read Lisa's post the other day on her recent thrifting finds, and I realized that I thrift all the live long day but I haven't been sharing my thrift store gems! :)

Today, I wanted to share a few goodies I've found while thrifting lately!

This pooch pair is darling and I looooove them. I love the gal's super long eyelashes and blue eyeshadow!

This darling fawn planter is my new FAVORITE. I think it was 69 cents from my favorite thrift store in Wisconsin! It was covered in a grimy gray film, but after soaking it in oxyclean for a bit, she looks good as new! Score!

This vintage coffee tin was a great addition to my ever-growing tin collection! We really are runnning out of room.

What are some of your recent thrift store scores? I'd love to hear about them!




  1. That's a really cool tin!

    I haven't been out thrifting in so long now so no fun recent finds. That is changing this weekend though ;)

  2. I recently blogged about this too!

    Check it out if you feel so inclined :)

  3. those are some great finds! i love that doggy pair, they are so sweet.

  4. We have the same tins for sugar, flour, coffee, and tea! I love the pic of the pooch pair with your sweet pooch :)

  5. awe! my daughter would go so crazy over the dogs! love love!

  6. i wish i could thrift more! i love the little dogs! xx

  7. Oh, those doggies are so sweet! My daughter would flip :)