Oh, June!

I am having such a great week, friends! It's almost Friday and I can't wait for this weekend! My neighborhood is having a huge garage sale extravaganza, and I am getting up bright and early on Saturday to find some bargains! Sunday, I am taking a photography class. Now, I am super excited about the class, not super stoked to be inside on a sunny day when I wish I was at the lake. But hopefully, I will learn a thing or two, and that's always a good thing.

And today, some photos of life lately!

Heading to a birthday bash on my bicycle:

A bouquet for a friend in my basket, of course:

Me and my dear friend Tracy, i.e., happiness:

Puppy Love:

Nothing better than a puppy sandwich:

My favorites: Pugs, Crispin Hard Cider, Sunshine, and my Love:

Now, don't forget to go enter the give-away on Amy's blog for $25 to my shop! Go! Do it! What are you waiting for?

Have a terrific Thursday!




  1. 1) you are far too cute!
    2) Bouquet in the bike basket? ADORABLE. I want to get a bike just so I can make bouquets for it!!
    3) have a lovely weekend!

  2. You are absolutely gorgeous, miss. Have fun at your photography class!!! <3

  3. Ooh a photography class, did you get a new camera?? You have the best smile, pretty lady! Love these pics of your week and your bike is lovely. Yay- the weekend is almost here, have fun yard sale-ing!

    1. No I dind't get a new camera! Still debating that one. But I am rsponsible for taking photos with a super fancy camera at work and I need to learn how to use it! :) I hope you havea great weekend, too, Lisa! I will keep my eye out for owls! Of course!

  4. I love your smile.. it makes me want to smile!

  5. You have an amazing smile!

    xo Jennifer

  6. What a cute pup! I wanna squeeze him! What kind of photo class are you taking?

    1. I am taking a "how to use an SLR" camera class. I have tot ake lots of photos for work with a super fancy camera, so I figured I better learn how to use it. Also, when I get an SLR I will know what the hell I'm doing! ;)

  7. You're bike is radical!

    xoxo Mama wolf.

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's pretty amazing! :) And we found it on Craig's List for a steal! :)

  9. I seriously LOVE your bike!!!