Reflect and Ponder

Hello darlings...

Life has been C R A Z Y. There has been so much commotion that it's been hard to settle down and focus. Alas, life has pulled me away from this space and from technology in general. Last week we had to take Cayla to the hospital for a dislocated shoulder, and after a night spent at the hospital with x-rays, she's been in  a funk. She had to miss a really important bike race and her spirits are just a bit down. My little avid bike rider and bike messenger is in a sling! I've been laying low, taking care of her, working, and getting ready for our trip. We leave next week and will be gone for most of August. I am shaking my head as I write this because we are nowhere near prepared. I am hoping she is feeling better by the time we leave. I want her happy and healthy and ready for this adventure. I know it will be OK, and that it will all work out. We have an amazing trip ahead of us. I can't even wrap my head around it: Lebanon, Turkey, and Greece...Could we be more lucky??

This weekend is also Cayla's birthday and we are having mini-celebrations all weekend -- Friday night bonfire and cocktails and Saturday BBQ and backyard chilling...I can't wait to see friends, relax, and just share the love this weekend. At least I have her presents all set! I found her some amazing goodies this year, and I can't wait to give them to her!

Since we are leaving I've also put the shop on vacation. While I am away, I am really going to be re-thinking my shop and what I want out of it. I have been thinking A LOT about the time/energy/heart that is put into it and what I am getting out of it...I think a change is comin'...I've chatted with my dear friend "Arizona" about an idea I have for the shop, with the possibility of including a hand-made upcycled vintage craft. I am not sure yet. This vacation will give me a lot of time to reflect and ponder. I am definitely letting my heart lead the way.

In other news, I had a really, really, really great doctor's appointment yesterday. And I don't want to bore you with the details, but they are taking me off one medication and we are trying something new, and I am really hopeful that the side effects of the old med will be leaving soon. God, I hope so. I have had 7 different doc appointments in the last few months and tried three different medications with the side effects of each being worse than the one before. This is a new doctor with a new approach, so I am excited about that.

All in all, life's hectic, but it's good. I have a lot to be grateful for and a whole lot to smile about.

Big hugs,


**These are photos from thrifted dresses drying in my yard last night. I think they look far more beautiful hanging in trees than in my closet. :)


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Cayla's shoulder! I hope she feels better soon! And I hope you have an AMAZING trip. I am definitely jealous!!

    Excited to see what you have in mind for the shop - especially if it includes upcycled items! I say do it!

    And yes, dresses look prettier in trees!

    Hugs to you my friend and safe travels!

  2. I am so dang excited for your big trip! It's going to be such an amazing adventure, girl!! Pleeeeeease takes lots of pics (and be safe, of course)! It is so good for the soul to get away, I'm sure it will help you figure out your next step for the shop- I still say DO the craft, love the idea! So sorry about Cayla's shoulder- I hope it feels better for the trip and that your med change works out too. That stuff is no fun, I will be sending good vibes your way. And tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY (ummm... August babies rule...) I have to say thank you again for my amazing package because that was so stinkin' sweet- love everything!
    Big hugs,

  3. Have a great trip!!! That first red dress is super pretty :)

  4. This trip sounds like a BLAST!!! I am so excited to see/hear more about it...please keep lots of memories and photos to share. Great dresses too...lucky duck :)

    <3 Cambria

  5. Gah, I am SO jealous of those dresses. The first red one is my FAV!

  6. Less than a week until vaca!!!!!! (obviously I m feeling much better :) )

  7. WOW!! I am so excited for you two sweet ladies to go on such an amazing trip. You both definitely deserve some time away in such beautiful places! I cannot wait to see pics and hear all about it when you get back! Have an amazing time, detach and enjoy being with your love! :)

    I'm so sorry she dislocated her shoulder. That hurts so damn bad. I hope she starts feeling better soon and that her spirits start perking up again too. I know that is hard not being able to do something you love and are passionate about. She is lucky to have you to look after and take care of her!

    P.S. Are you keeping those beautiful dresses or selling them??? I spy one I want!

  8. Oh my, sorry to hear about the shoulder!
    Nothing could lift the spirits up like such a great adventure thought! I'm sure you guys will have the greatest time, and will of course have lots of photographs and anecdotes to share with the masses upon your return!!

  9. ohh! I'm in love!

    by the way, I just came from Turkey and Greece! I'm so excited for you! such beautiful places..Have fun!

    found the route

  10. HI love. Lets button swap forever. Jes

  11. pretty pretty pink dresses in trees!
    love this. the second one (floraly pinky) is my fav.

  12. the red dress with the collar is lovely, what a find. x