Yaks and Hummingbirds

As you may have noticed I've been a little quiter than usual on this here little blog.

I chatted with two fellow friends/bloggers about my deal, bitching up a storm and sharing my heart.

Then I thought, why not share my feelings with you? This should be my open palms/ open heart space, shouldn't it? If it isn't, then what the hell am I doing here.

Last week, the Mrs. and I took a vacation to her family's cabin in Wisconsin. My phone died the second day, and at first I was bummed and then ultimately it was a relief to be unplugged.

I spent five days completely focused on the people and the awe-inspiring nature around me.

I saw hummingbirds, butterflies, fish, a family of loons while kayaking, a bald eagle (!), a baby yak (what is a yak? I had no idea either. But we stopped at a garage sale and on their porch was a baby yak! They let me pet it and it nuzzled me and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen!), frogs and toads, red-winged blackbirds, fireworks...It was beautiful.

AND, I read three books.

AND, Scarlett swam for the first time and it was the cutest shit ever.

I came back and I went to check my Twitter and I just WAS NOT feeling it. BUY THIS! WEAR THIS! SALE! GIVE-AWAY!

No thanks.

So, I sat quiet. I didn't know what I wanted to say or where to start. After reading Amy's recent post, I realized I am not the only one. We never are, are we?

Her post gave me to the courage to share my heart, too.

Right now, I am feeling very overwhelmed with the business end of my life. The vintage has completely take over my house, but sales have been slow in the shop, so I haven't been motivated to list more. Then we are having a pop-up sale this weekend, and I have procrastinated preparing and will be working like a mad woman Friday night to get it all done. I am hoping the sale will be really successful, so I will have a manageable amount left to list in the shop. I have to go re-stock the Vintage shop where I am now, too, selling my treasures. Sometimes I get so overwhelemed with it all, that I just do nothing, because I don't even know where to start. Not good.

All in all, I am feeling a bit spread thin. I want to be with friends and at the beach, so the shop has definitely been put on the backburner.All I really want is to open my own shop and spend 100% of my time focused on this passion. But for now, it's a full-time job squeezed into the small free spaces in my life. My full-time job (writing about math!) is also not the MOST inspiring place I've ever been.

Right now, I am feeling a bit disenchanted with the blogs out there. I do really love getting glimpses into people's lives, I love the inspiration I get from outfit posts, and I love the thrift store finds and the tips on bargain hunting. I love decorating tips and finding new recipes and DIYs. I, however, do not like feeling like I am being bombarded with ads most times. (Buy! Buy! Buy!) That is just not where I am at.  I have been clearing out and slimming down the blogs I visit to those that make me feel GOOD. Period. I want to support small businesses like mine, so I am going to continue to do give-aways and enter them because I think it's important. I want to try to do MORE outfit posts because they push me to be creative with my closet. And that's a good thing.

I am still holding strong to the second-hand pledge, (with the exception of my bathing suit--it had to be done). I am 100 percent devoted to finding second-hand pieces and making them my own.

So that is where I am at. Life is good. But I am feeling like I'm shedding my old skin. I am striving for simplicity and a little soul stirring. I want to take the time to find the Yaks and the hummingbirds. I want to continue meeting amazing women out there, and that is really why I do this. You all are my reason. I hope you know that.

Wishing you a day full of magic and wonder wherever you are,



  1. This is a good post! If those are things on your heart and on your mind, you absolutely need to share it! I think I can understand and relate to where you are coming from. I too only want to read blogs that make me feel good and that are as much about the blogger's personality as it is what they're "wearing" or where they "shop". I like to feel like I'm having a virtual cup of coffee with someone, you know?

    At any rate, I'm glad you're still here, I'm glad you're still blogging because I missed you when you were away and I cannot wait for your sale this weekend (though I'm sorry to hear about the stress!)

    And a baby yak?? I wish I could see pictures! Scarlett is pretty darn cute though!

  2. Well said, lady! I love the last paragraph. You really have to do what feels right and it's a good reminder not to get caught up in numbers, ads, comparing, or feeling like you have to put yourself out there when you just plain don't feel it! Have fun at your sale this weekend! You know I'm a total cat lady but your pugs are so darn cute :) I can't believe the yak was on someone's porch, that is just craziness... Thanks for being so awesome- I'm glad we are friends!

  3. I fully support this 100%. I also like the reasons that you listed for supporting other small businesses and outfit posts to inspire yourself. Because that is truly what is all about. Inspiring you. xo

  4. I am completely behind you. There is way too much fluff out there. Be true to yourself and you can never go wrong!!

  5. i completely know how you feel about running a shop along with a full time job plus everything else that goes on in life!! I work full time and am still trying to run my etsy (luanne vintage - remember me from the vintage co-op newsletter i was doing?) everything has been so overwhelming for me and I'm bringing a bunch of my stuff to a flea market tomorrow, so that has consumed my life for the past week! Its so hard to balance it all. anyways i've been catching up on your blog since i hadnt looked at in a while. congrats on everything, looks like things are going well for you :-)