I'm a Hoarder

Hello! It's Thursday! I cannot wait for the weekend to begin!

Life has just been crazy since we returned from vacation.

So crazy, in fact, that I might just be renouncing my hoarder ways.

WHAT?! Amanda! You can't!

I just might need to, friends.

You see, living out of a backpack for two weeks can really change a woman! And, I am changed. I really loved living in CLUTTERless spaces with just a bed and a dresser. I liked that I only had two pairs of shoes to choose from. Life was easier. I felt lighter. I felt free. And now that I am home, I feel...different.

When I walked through the door I was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff we have, i.e., I've collected. It's not that I just have one collection either, it's turned into SEVERAL collections: deer/fawn figurines, owls, decorative tins, paint by numbers, vintage suitcases...You get it.

It's just too much.

Where before, I thought THE MORE THE MERRIER, I am now shaking my head at the craziness that is my home. Which is crazy. I am still trying to process all of this, and figure out what it means for me as a vintage collector and a vintage shop owner. You see, my etsy shop is still on vacation and I don't really feeling like turning it back on. Making a job out of something I love has sort of made it lose its sparkle a bit.

I am hoping that by stepping away and taking a break, I will re-discover my passion. I want to LOVE doing this again. But for now, I am in a mode of SIMPLIFYING. I sorted through my storage room in the basement last night. I went from three racks of vintage clothes to ONE. Boxes and boxes of shoes to one small pile. I think just the process of getting all of this organized will help to. Organization, friends. Not my strong suit!

There are piles for friends, piles for the thrift store, piles for the re-sale shop, and piles for the shop where I am still selling my goods (for now). Keeping a rack at The Vintage Gypsy is about all I can handle right now.

Man, it feels good to be spilling my guts with you friends. If you have any wisdom or advice or thoughts, I'd love to hear it.

I read this article and it was like I freaking wrote it. This was one of my favorite lines:

"I never think of minimalism as deprivation," said Jay. "Rather, it's eliminating the excess -- unused items, unnecessary purchases, unfulfilling tasks -- from your life. Well, I may have fewer possessions, but I have more space. I may have fewer commitments, but I have more time. Minimalism is making room for what matters most."

For now, I feel good, I feel happy, and I feel like I am making space for, well, ME.




  1. LOVE it! There is nothing wrong with simplifying! Keeping one rack at a shop is great! I'll still follow along with you even if you change direction! :)

  2. I totally understand. Clutter is a huge distraction to me too!

  3. I felt just like this after I came back from a semester long study-abroad trip in college. I had been living from one suitcase and one backpack the entire time and felt overwhelmed coming back to the States and being aware of how much we have here. It was a bigger culture shock to come back than it was going abroad.

  4. good job, girlfriend! living simply is soooo liberating! and if you're having trouble finding a new home for your collections, i'll send you my address! hahah. ;)

    1. Send it to me. Seriously. I am feeling like Santa (Strawberry) Clause!

  5. A big trip like that can really change your perspective and shake up your thought process, right? That's why it's SOOO good for you and why I'm going crazy without traveling in my life right now! I'm always so torn on this because I love the idea of simplicity and the relaxation that comes from it. BUT I love the thrill of the hunt and having things in my home/wardrobe that are unique to me. Plus I get stressed out because Brian and I both love vintage so there's a whole lotta stuff here. I would love to have a vintage shop of some sort so that I can find stuff without having to keep everything... I'm glad you're on track with your new goal and would love to hear your words of wisdom! P.S. are you kidding me with that owl collection???

    1. I sent you a whole e-mail -- just too much to say. But that is not actually my owl collection, although it is amazing. Seems like a lot of us have a thing for these feathered friends!

  6. I thought my owl ornament collection was epic, but compared to this, it is nothing! Every year for birthdays or christmas my family buy me. I haven't got the heart to tell them I don't particularly like owl ornaments as much as I did when I was 17. I'm including this post in my monday 'start your week off with..' feature next week!


  7. Yaaaayyyy! Welcome to the Other Side. ;o) Seriously, though, last year when I was in Ketchikan for seven months I had to fit everything in my car while I was moving between the 12 houses I was house-sitting and that's when the change happened for me. Carrying an entire car's worth of stuff 24 times (out of the car and into a new place and then out of that place back into my car when it was time to move to the next house) was such a PAIN and I got rid of a ton of stuff. I had a mental list of things going to get rid of when I got back to Portland. Thus has begun my year-long minimalism trek and it's not over yet! So I applaud you on your newfound vision! It is very freeing to not have a ton of stuff and to have more space. You also end up having more money because you're not buying knickknacks and you might be selling your things. Money is nice for things like traveling, so yay! YAY YOU!!

  8. (I maaaayyy have also just been reading about trekking in Nepal before I read your post, so I'm in extra "YOU GO, GIRL! GET RID OF YOUR STUFF AND JUST GOOO!" mode. ;o)