Southwest in the Midwest

Good morning!
Today I bring you an outfit that is 95% thrifted. I would say my closet is now, too, 95% thrifted. The challenge of not buying anything new has stuck with me (Thanks, Arizona). I like the adventure of finding what I want second-hand. It keeps me on my toes. :)
I got this southwest-print skirt and these boots at a local thrift shop. The boots were made in Italy (ra ta ta) and are as soft as butter, baby. I now have every shade of brown boot I could ask for. I really love them! And, they were $10. Totally worth it in my book. (AND, they were located on the wrong size shelf, which might be why they were still there. Gotta dig, friends.)
OK, the boot collection is complete. Do not, I repeat, do NOT let me buy any more damn boots.

I just love these chunky monkeys!

Boots: Vintage / Thrifted
Skirt: Vintage / Thrifted
Belt: UO
T-Shirt: No idea



  1. love, love, love, love ,love this outfit!! Those boots are gorgeous! Give those chubby little ones some kisses for me!

  2. OK. First things first, I adore your photo smile. It's so big and happy and you! You've just got to be the cutest little lady, ever!

    Second of all, $10 for those boots!? Are you kidding me!? Holy. I think I'm shopping in the wrong thrift stores. I'm in need of boots. Like, major need. As in, I only have short booties in brown and black. Bah! Time to get with the fall fashions and buy some, I figure. (I promise to try thrifting first. But, if all else fails, I can't guarantee I won't go out and splurge!!)

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Super adorable outfit! And $10 boots? Such a great deal!! I wish I could find some that cheap!!

  4. I love the thrifted items and the belt is super cute too. I agree, it's more of a challenge to find the items you want in a thrift store. I've been trying this week to find a green military-inspired jacket. Two days of thrifting and no luck yet.

  5. Love those boots, I have a soft spot for boots in general, but vintage ones are extra special!

  6. I LOVE that belt! I'm the same way with boots. I wish I could find some for $10!

  7. Oh man- cuteness overload! You, the outfit, and those PUGS! I have a boot weakness too- especially vintage but doesn't have to be, as long as they're awesome :) Did you realize Sunday marks 5 MONTHS with our 2nd hand challenge?? It will officially be over but I'm really diggin' this so maybe a splurge or two and then onward! Love your southwest skirt, you should definitely pack that when you head out here :) XO

  8. Wow! Those boots are pretty rad. Nice find, lady!

  9. You look so great! The perfect casual outfit for me is that: a tee, cardi, skirt and boots.

    Also: I have that same belt (buckle), but it is black leather...weird! You got it at UO? I thought mine was vintage. Maybe they had one they used as a prototype? Either way, I LOVE it!

  10. Instead of buying boots for yourself, I think your pugs need a new toy or ten. They're just so darn cute! Your skirt is really great too.


  11. love your boots! grreat look! xxx

  12. what a great belt!

  13. These boots are FANTASTICALLY beautiful...the shape, the soft leather, the colour...I'm jealous!

    <3 Cambria

  14. wait wait WAIT, I'm just catching up here. You are challenging yourself to only buy 2nd hand too?! We're challenge buddies! You look adorable. I too need to cool it with the boot buying.

  15. You can tell those boots are buttery soft by just looking at them! They look great with the southwestern skirt & I of course love that it is almost all thrifted!
    Also, your pups are too cute!
    xo Hannah

  16. i can't believe you got those boots thrifted! they're such a gorgeous color- i really need to expand my brown boot collection more. and my closet is starting to become more thrift than brand new clothes too. i love the thrill of digging out a treasure :)