What I Wore: Bikeriding

I am super excited to be joining a RAD group of women for their monthly What I Wore series.

These gals graciously allowed me to join their group, so today I bring you:



Earlier this month, my lady rode in the Babes in Bikeland race. It was a beautiful day for racing--sunny and warm! I did not race, however, I volunteered my little heart out! My goal is to race next year! Although I didn't race, it was so fun getting to be a part of this AMAZING event, put on by women for women.
I like to wear dresses, all the time, biking or not. SO I threw on some boy's briefs and headed out! I love, love the pockets on this dress!
I also wore my favorite boots and a fun tribal print backpack!

My lady looked pretty dashing if I do say so myself. This is what she wears bikeriding:

Here was one of my favorite riders' outfits from the race - rockin the heels like nobody's business:

Nearly 400 women raced!

And I got to run the finish line with my friend, Kat, who was one of the organizers!

The ever so lovely Kat:

It was a blast! I got to kiss my friends as they came in and give everyone high fives. Awesome.

And, the highlight? Our friend Angela raced for her VERY FIRST TIME, like EVER, and got third place in the ROOKIE category! AND, my lady got in the top 20 (out of 378!)!

So, that's what I wore biking, friends!

Horse Sweatshirt: It's a kid's sweatshirt so I cut up the collar and made it work! (Garage sale, 50 cents)
Dress: Urban Outfitters (thrifted)
Boots: Vintage Frye
Backpack: Thrifted

Want to see what the rest of the gals wear biking?

Our next post is What to Wear to a pumkin patch! Can't wait!

Peace and love,



  1. That dress is so cute. I also love the pockets. I seriously have the hardest time walking away from a dress with pockets. It's just a whole other level of adorable.

    Also, what a cool event!

  2. Could you be any cuter? That dress is adorable! And your lady looks smashing in that vest!! And I love the Crispin sitting by you in the last picture too :)

  3. The dress is adorable! It sounds like a really cool event, I'll have to look into it.

  4. Each of you is cuter than the next! Haha, I've been checking out all your biking ideas and outfits, so fun!

  5. Your dress is cute enough to make up for the lack of helmet, as long as you were actually wearing one! And your lady sports that vest like a boss. This event looks like a ton of fun!

  6. I love this! The event looks awesome, I have never been in a bike race before but it looks fun. I also love that you cut a child's horse sweatshirt and made it into a top- we are horse twins this week haha.

  7. Wow, that looks like such a great event! So happy you guys had fun. Your dress is adorable too. Pockets are always a plus! :)

  8. Cute dress! Love the pocket detail

  9. awesome outfit, and welcome to the gang!

  10. You two both look dashing and smashing! LOVE that backpack. And the horse sweater, yes indeed.

    And what a cool event. Looks like you had a blast!

  11. I LOVE the horse sweatshirt! You both look smashing and that looks like such a fun event. I should clarify- the Tour de Fat is not a race at all, it's a costumed bike parade followed by a beer party and it's all put on by New Belgium brewery which you're drinking in this pic :) I'm too lazy for any sort of race- but good luck in yours! Thanks for the heads up on joining in this What to Wear series. Have a good weekend lady!!

  12. Nice outfit, I love that you keep with your dresses haha :) Oh and that horse sweater is pretty awesome.

  13. this is such an awesome series. i love what you wore. the dress is super cute, and i want your back pack!! x