Wish List: Marigold

I went thrifting last night, and I am excited to share my new finds on the blog tomorrow.

I am rocking my new-to-me knee (AH-mazing) leather boots today, and fall is officially in the air.

The leaves are just starting to turn, and in celebration of their magical marigold color, here we go:

From my darlings @School of Vintage
via my favorite @Pineapple Mint
And, the cutest purse, and it's only $12!
And now, I am totally off to get a pumpkin latte.


  1. bring me a pumpkin latte while youre at it ;)

    p.s. love the color!

  2. The dress and jacket are amazing! I want them both! And I'm jealous you found boots - I've been trying to find boots rather unsuccessfully!

  3. Great finds! The orange tweed jacket is perfect for a fall day :)

  4. thanks so much sweet thang! I have to stop myself from drinking pumpkin spiced lattes daily. OH and I want to see the boots you got! hurry hurry!! xoxo

  5. That dress!! The dropped waist! The little bow at the collar! Has anything ever been SO CUTE?!
    The yellows and oranges of this time of year are so inspiring. Also you have reminded me I need to pick up some pumpkin spice tea, so I can get in on this latte fun. Coffee aversion be damned.


  6. i love this color, and many of the items you've posted here! that flower pillow and the vintage dresses are really gorgeous. xx

  7. A perfect fall collection! So glad it's finally here, just hoping the glorious weather stays!

  8. So good! I love all of these pieces...I have a set of mustard items in my Etsy favorites right now because that's my favorite fall color (I'm wearing my mustard cardigan from this week's blog outfit again. ha.).

  9. Ooooh, I can't wait to see these boots! I'm kinda jealous of your fall weather- we're still rockin' the low 100s here and I'm craving some cool temps. I have still gotten in on the pumpkin spice lattes, but just iced for now :) I love that jacket!!

  10. wow! such an awesome collection! <3
    and i like the animal mask peeking in the corner of the jacket pic.

  11. Oh my, everything here (<3) !!! Sometimes it's seriously hard to not buy every lovely thing I see. Marigold is one of my favorite colors - especially for fall. Today is the first really cold day where I live, so I am happily waiting now for the leaves to really turn! xo Marisa

  12. Oh my word...that drop waist dress and that darling little purse are too much to handle!!! If only I had some cash!!!

    <3 Cambria