Swap for Love


I'm having a clothing swap! And it's this weekend! And I am super excited! Can't! You! Tell! From! All! The! Exclamation! Points?!

This little shin dig is called Swap for Love, because to attend this little party you need to donate $10 to Minnesota United for All Families -- the muscle behind the VOTE NO movement here in Minnesota.

Basically, they are trying to pass an amendment to change our constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman. It's passed in 31 states. If we don't pass it, we'd be the first.

This could be LEGENDARY friends.

As a side note, did you know that in 34 states it is still legal for lesbian and gay employees to be fired simply because their employers disapprove of their sexual orientation?

What is wrong with our country, man?

It's craziness. We all know this is just mad. Love is love is love is love. Am I right?

So, I have been raising money for this group - to get the word out, to stop the hate, and to spread the love.

I can't wait to hang with a bunch of ladies, get some great new clothes, clean out my closet, and (most importantly) raise some money!

If you are local, please come on over!

Feel free to bring: clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, housewares, books...Whatever you no longer have use for that needs a good home!

It's this Saturday from 12 to 2! Here is the event page on Facebook!

See you there?




  1. What a great cause! I wish you the greatest success on your clothing swap, if I was any where near you I would totally be there!

  2. Woo! I'm still planning on coming unless my preparations for my evening plans are going really poorly. I have many fun things to swap! And I need to support this cause, plain and simple!!

  3. I'm totally not local, but I support the cause from the bottom of my heart. Marriage is between two people who dedicate the rest of their lives to one another, and that's that. This is something I sorely hope to see protected and accepted in my lifetime.
    Good on ya, girl, for working in any way you can to support a cause you believe in. You help encourage the scared and silent to speak out!

  4. Cannot wait! Packed up a huge box of goodies! couldn't be happier to further support the cause. Love you.

  5. I wish I could come, it sounds awesome and such a good cause. I hope it's a great success xx

  6. If I loved in Minnesota, I'd totally be there to support you! Good luck with all the fundraising!

  7. i so wish i could go to this! our country is messed up in so many ways :(

  8. Awe, if only I lived closer!

    Hope you're having a great week!

  9. It's so awesome you are doing this- having a fun day and for a good cause, to help support something SO important! It totally freaks me out that this has passed in 31 states, what is wrong with people?? I wish I was local so I could be there to support (and trade clothes!!), but I will be in spirit!

  10. I love getting on board with good causes such as this. Sounds like it's going to be an amazing and quite important event. Wish I lived closer. Have a fun time! xo Marisa