The Swap

Good morning, dears!

Well, this weekend was the BIG swap! I had so, so, so much fun! It was a great time, and more people came than I expected, which was amazing!

I realized when I got there that my camera battery had died and I was in such a swirl that I couldn't find my phone!

So here are a few photos that some of the lovelies snapped.

Basically, lots of ladies (all shapes and sizes), lots of stuff!

Everyone left with bags of goodies, so that made me really happy!

This was mid-swap. That's my ass front and center. Digging for treasure of course!

This amazing hat is now MINE!


And, the best part? We raised more than $200 for VOTE NO!

That makes me so damn happy!

Thanks to everyone who made it it. I had such an amazing time! :)




  1. YAYY! I'm so glad it was such a huge success! I so wish I could have been there with my box of goodies that are now sitting homeless, lol. I just bit off more than I could chew this weekend with having a party and everything that goes along with it. I just makes me so happy to see that large wad of money though! Woo hoo!

  2. This looks like a lot of fun- I've always wanted to attend a good swap party- and all for a great cause, well done!

  3. Hooray on raising $200!!! That is so awesome and makes my heart happy! I have always wanted to go to a swap. Maybe I should plan one here! :) So glad you had a great weekend! xo

  4. AMAZING!!! I have been wanting to host a swap, and this looks awesome.

    Even more amazing: raising that cash!! xo

  5. SO SO awesome! I'm glad you had fun but it's even more awesome that you raised $200 for such a good cause! That hat was meant for you lady. And that dress you're wearing... super stylin! I've always wanted to go to a swap... maybe I should not be so lazy and host one...

  6. WOW great score with that hat, fantastic! I need to do one of these! :)

  7. This looked awesome! And the money going to a fantastic cause :) It's fabulous!

  8. This is the best! I love that you swapped for the greater good.

  9. Congratulations! I'm so happy to hear that it was a success! :)

  10. what a great idea, and for such a good cause! love it.