Hello Mr. Rabbit!

Well, a lot has happened since last we chatted, dears.

The wedding dress arrived! But, alas, it was four sizes too small - somehow, even though the measurements matched mine - and it has a fairly large tear. Needless to say the dress was shipped back. (womp womp) The hunt continues...I know I will find the most beautiful dress. Time to head out to my favorite local vintage shops! Looking forward to that!

And, we finally did decide on a venue! Double hooray! The place is picked and we have a date!

Other than that, I have been doing a little crafting for the wedding. It's dark when I get home which, as you know, can be super UNmotivating. So I went to the craft store the other night and went nuts and am now making some hand-sewn decorations for the wedding. And, they look really cute!

Warning: A lot of you may be getting felted gifts, as I am now obsessed with felt. Who knew? I already have ideas for Nicole and Arizona. Get ready gals! (Oh and I hope you like felt.)

I promise I will show you the finished products!

In other news, I am excited to announce a fun give-away for my shop over on Hello, Mr. Rabbit.

Please go say hello to Lindsey Louise and enter to win a gift certificate to my shop. And there's a coupon code, too!

Might I just say that she puts THE cutest outfits together. So happy to be collaborating with her!

Have an amazing day! It's almost Friday!




  1. Oh gosh this dark evenings thing is just the thorn in my side right now. I feel like all I am doing is watching Netflix (probably because that is in fact all I am doing!). It's like the weekend comes and I am desperate to cram 5 days worth of craftiness into it!! Plus laundry, and other house things that seem too creepy in the dark (my house is old and sketchy). Oi. Spring, where you at? We miss the sun. Please send light.

    Sorry to hear about the dress as well! That's why online shopping scares me. You rely so much on other people's interpretations! I hope that looking in person yields greater results :).

    p.s. thanks for your sweet comments yesterday! You kept a big ol' smile on my face :D

  2. Oh my gosh. What a bummer about the dress. I'm sure you'll find something even more beautiful! Good luck, my friend.

    I love felt, too. Aside from yarn, felt is my go-to medium. It's just so versatile. I look forward to seeing what you made.

    Don't worry about What to Wear. I thought about sending out a reminder, but last time I did that I had a brain fart with dates, so I figured everyone was better off without my help. ;)


  3. Bummer you had to send the dress back! But yay for vintage dress shopping!! I know you will find the perfect one!!

  4. That's too bad about the dress. I hope you fend an even better one soon!

  5. Bummer about the dress but I just know you will find something awesome soon! I love crafting with felt because it has structure and you don't have to finish the edges since it doesn't unravel. I'm so excited to see what you're making! Once the sunsets I just want to hang out so short days = me getting not much done :)