Top Five Friday: Vinyl Addiction

Happy Friday to you, friends!

I spent all last night working on some crafts and made a huge mess, but had a great time. It took me three hours to make one ornament, but I am hoping to get better! We are going to a baby shower on Saturday, so I am excited to give the mama to be a christmas ornament for her little munchkin. It's super cute! I need to finish it tonight, but photos to come!

Today, for top five Friday, we have a vinyl theme. Cayla is the real record collector at our house, but she is always looking for good motown for me and other music that I like. We have milk crates filled to the brim at this point; they are really taking over our living room. I am hoping to get a vintage cabinet (like this one!), but haven't found the right one yet.

So, in honor of our vinyl obsession, here are some great finds for the vintage vinyl lover!

The cutest necklace from BRainbow Shop

This card from Hello Small World

This darling brooch from Stoic and Pariah
And a turntable ring from Bergamot Bazaar
And, don't you love this Moonrise Kingdom-inspired embroidery from Gracey May?
Have a great weekend! And, don't forget you can still enter to win a hand-made fox collar from Pretendeer AND a gift certificate to my shop from Hello, Mr. Rabbit!


  1. Oh how fun! I love the Moonrise Kingdom inspired embroidery, I adored that movie!

    My parents have the best vinyl collection, I love going over there and flipping through it. It's fun!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love these! That brooch is so cute. We love vinyl in our house too, we have our main record player and Brian recently found a portable caliphone at a yard sale that is fun too. Moonrise Kingdom was SO good, I really need to re-watch it over xmas break!! Have a great weekend, my friend!

  3. oh what? sweet! I feel all honored and stuff :) haha. I love that moonrise kingdom embroidery. Good luck on your search for the perfect vintage cabinet! I had a sweet vintage record cabinet that was perfect in every way, except for one very vital thing: It couldn't play records. It tried! It would START to play them. but nope. it was busted. but so lovely! haha

  4. that midcentury credenza you linked is awesomeeee. but i'm sure your record collection would eventually outgrow that too!

  5. I want that brooch! We collect vinyls in our house as well and how I wish we had the perfect mid century cabinet to store them in! Oh Moonrise Kingdom! I could watch that movie over and over again. Have a loverly weekend Amanda! xo

  6. I love the Moonrise Kingdom embroidery! My blog is taken from a line in that movie!

    xx Cait