Thread Share: The Plaid Dress

Good morning friends! I hope your week is treating you well. I am headed to Chicago this weekend to visit one of my bestest friends, so I have been counting down all week! Hooray for Thursday!

So! I found this sweater vest at a church rummage sale. It was headed to the shop, but I think it looks great over t-shirts and dresses so we're keeping it. Oh the joys of having a vintage business!

And, this AMAZING dress was sent to me by the lovely Marissa of Shades of Monet Chronicles. Although she's a little peanut, we are somehow the same size (I am just a taller version of her). I am excited to see her take on the dress. (Notice the trees still have leaves! Took these a little while back!)

Here's my take!


Belt, vest, dress, boots, bangles: vintage
I realize after looking through these photos I really need to do something with my mop top. I have been growing it out forever but I definitely need a little something. Any suggestions?

I have to admit, I was pretty heartbroken when I had to send this dress back - it's just so bright and colorful! I could really think of a million ways to style it! Thanks for lending this beauty to me, Marissa! You're the best!

And here's a sneak peak of M! Doesn't she look beautiful?! I mean, seriously...


P.S. You can still get 30% off in the shop with code TURKEYLOVE! Shhhhh....Just for you!


  1. I know that it's totally not the focus of this outfit, but that belt is perfectly aged. What a treasure! I like that you accessorized with beige and brown, it really tones down the colours on the dress, but still keeps it very fun looking :).
    I'm afraid I'm awful with hair suggestions, I just had my first haircut in almost 2 years after all, haha! But trust a stylist, tell them about your intense love of vintage style, and I'm sure they'll set you up real nice! Just don't ever do anything to those gorgeous curls of yours. Your hair is so bouncy and playful!


  2. What a fun series. It's neat to see how you each add your own elements of style. I love that vest and belt action on your outfit. You're just downright adorable... even with the "mop top"! ;)

  3. Oh my gosh that dress is so gorgeous! Love to see how different people wear it too! Very fun :)

  4. Super cute dress! I just adore plaid! It looks so cute against the autumn background. Sad that all the leaves are gone now!

  5. that dress is so darling! i love how you paired it with the vest! that's so cute that you trade clothing items for blog post! it's interesting to see how others style it.

    lindsey louise

  6. I love the bright, colorful plaid!

  7. cute. cute. cute.

    ps. you rock that mop top, girlfriend!

  8. That is a beautiful dress! I have a similar one, but in mostly blues & browns. Speaking of which, I need to get it altered....hmmmm.

    I am really loving this feature! Swapping clothes looks like such fun!

  9. I think your "mop top" is looking good! Such a great dress, you must have been sad to send it back- it looks so great on both of you! Have the best weekend ever!! I hear Chicago is amazing :)

  10. So nice to find you and your gorgeous blog through Marisa´s.

  11. I'd have a hard time giving that dress back too!