Friday Favorites: Hodge Podge

Happy FRIDAY, darlings!

This week, my top five is all over the damn place. There is no rhyme or reason or method to this madness. Just some posts and photos I loved this week.

This top from Hello, Mr. Rabbit is amazing. And it is only $15. If I was a size small, it would be mine.

And this photo posted by my girl Jorjia. High-larious.

["thanks dad. for securing me to the bike with a bungee cord. safety first."]

This give-away from two of my favorite sisters, Amanda and Jayme. I, mean, come on. This is ridiculously awesome.

 This dress from Little Veggie Vintage! LOVE!

And the best thrift find of the week: this vintage quilt for $3! Nice, work Katie!

I am wishing you all an amazing weekend! Big hugs!




  1. So many great finds, our blanket aside! You could totally rock that Little Veggie Vintage dress!


  2. I'm laughing at the bike photo, that is pretty funny!!

    Hope you have a great weekend dear!

  3. When will I ever thrift a beautiful quilt??? So jealous! I really hope you're getting that dress- it is seriously the cutest! Have a good weekend, my friend!

  4. Whoa, I will totally admit I am green with envy (in a very kind way) over your amazing quilt thrift find!!! Sheesh lady, you definitely struck some gold there :) That dress & blouse are both adorable! I swear sometimes in very hard to restrain myself from not dropping boku bucks online...hehe. Happy weekend! <3 Marisa

  5. All great...that photo made me laugh so hard, and I just adore the denim top!

    <3 Cambria

    Check out my GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

  6. the bungee cord to the bike- hilarious.

  7. hahha. i feel so honored for making this week's top five. i can seriously laugh at that picture all day.

  8. i'm in love with the blue dress #2! the flower design is so retro yet modernesque. LOVE!