Thrifted Lately and a Shop Preview

Hello and happy Monday to you friends!

It's a short work week! Hooray!

I dragged brought Cayla estate saling this weekend, but much to her surprise, almost all of the sales had great vintage collections. This is always good, so she can keep occupied and I can dig through boxes of clothes! I found a lot of goodies this weekend and all of it will be headed to the shop soon.

Before I get to the shop preview, here are a few things I am keeping for myself.

This pastel color-blocked blanket has found its official new spot in our living room:

I love it! And so do Parker and Scarlett!

I also found another vintage eyeglass necklace. This is the third one I've found. So, OK, I guess I am collecting them now.

And, speaking of collections, I found another globe! (This is only partially my addiction - I am marrying a history teacher.)

And here's a preview of what's coming to the shop!

Zig Zag Print Maxi

Strawberry Print Sweater!
Fringed Poncho
Blush Beaded Clutch
Pendleton Cardigan
Buffalo Plaid Pencil Skirt
Woolrich Fair Isle Wool Sweater (eep! with sheep!)
Plaid Mini Sweater Dress
Floral Print Belted Dress
Can't wait to get it all added! Still some measuring left to do!
I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Oh! I love that fringe poncho. So cute!!

    You got a good haul... and I also saw that the Braided Bandit had one of your dresses on today. Exciting!!

  2. OMG these are so good! Love the new blanket with your two pups and absolutely CANNOT believe you found a strawberry sweater! That's amazing! I also love the globe! I am wearing my Salvaged Strawberry on the blog today! Wore it basically all weekend. And uhm, may or may not be wearing the same outfit today to work as well, oops! Thanks again!
    xo Hannah

  3. OOH great finds! Love the poncho and you found a plaid mini sweater dress??? I hope I get a bunch of birthday money next week so I can shop in your store!!!

  4. that necklace! amazingggg.

    and that floral dress ain't so bad either.

  5. Sweet scores! That necklace is beautfiul and I'm drooling over that comfy looking sheep sweater.

  6. Wow - what stunning items!

  7. OMG, everything looks so awesome! I want that chair and everything that's touching it!!

    xx Cait

  8. You have skills, lady! Love everything. That blanket looks so pretty and cozy and I freaking love your fabric kitty :) Please tell me you're wearing that strawberry sweater around before it hits the shop!

  9. Wow! You found so many great things! I haven't gone thrifting in forever and I really want to go now! And by forever I really mean like two weeks. Seriously, way to go o the great finds! The eyeglass necklace, globe and poncho are all super amazing!