Baby, It's Cold Outside

Good morning, friends! As I write this I am happy to report that MN had about a foot of snow and today it is about 0 degrees with the windchill! Hello, winter!

This weekend was amazingly fantastic! Let me just tell you it was MAGICAL!

It (the piles of snow) totally (finally) got me into the holiday spirit! We got a tree, decorated, and spent a lot of time in the snow! We even ventured out to a holiday parade last night. (C's high school students were in it, so she was super excited to show her support.)

I thought I would share some photos of our weekend and a few snapshots of the house!

The backyard! It's a winter wonderland! Cannot wait to make a fire!

We actually carried our tree home from the lot! Isn't it a cutie?!

The parade!

Cayla and I decorated all weekend - putting up the tree and making our home look super festive. We listened to holiday records and were dancing around in our pajamas. It was the best.

Hope you had a great weekend too!




  1. The snow totally put me in the holiday spirit too! I love it!

    Love your Christmas decor!!

  2. I can't believe you guys have more snow than us! Canada is slacking off this year, though I shouldn't complain about a shorter feeling winter! I love your needlepoint stockings hanging up, and your tree really is so sweet. Ah, the warm and fuzzies!


  3. Yay! Snow and Christmas spirit!! I love that you listened to Christmas music and danced around in your PJs. That is so something I would do. (Ian's not into the Christmas tunes, but we did have a wee dance party on Saturday night to some 90s rock. It was awesome!)

  4. It's been snowing here as well and it's the best!

  5. Love all the snow!!! By the parade float it looks like they take their holiday spirit seriously. :)

  6. Dancing to xmas music in your pj's sounds awesome! Your backyard looks like such an amazing place to hang out, I bet you have some fun summer parties. I'm so glad you had a fun weekend and jealous of your festive house! We're leaving for the holidays and with all the school madness I didn't have time to mess with decorating. It doesn't seem worth dragging down from the attic now for less than 2 weeks before leaving... but I'm lazy :)

  7. The pictures turned out great. SO glad we can be dorky and into Christmas/winter together :)

  8. Lovely photos. You are surely enjoying your winter. I wish to have snow but it's impossible. It never snowed in my area -_-

    Aree With Umbrella

  9. i love the little deer here! christmas decorations are so fun to put up!

    the clothing swap was wonderful! i got many items for myself, along with taking the unwanted items and sorting through them to give to some of my younger cousins, whose family is tight on money this year. we also are giving our donation of cash to a reading organization in kansas city! (who buys books for schools)

    lindsey louise

  10. So fun!!! I love Christmas :) Although once all my family get togethers are through, I will have had enough of all the snow, but I love having a snowy Christmas :)

  11. This post just got my in the holiday spirit!! So glad you guys got some good snow! I hope that it makes it's way down here. Logan and I are ready for some now and sledding! Love how cozy and decorated the house looks. Your tree is perfect! xo

  12. Oh my your backyard looks absolutely magical! I have such envy for snow being that I'm in Florida!