Top FIve Friday: New Loves

Good morning and a happy Friday to YOU! Yesterday was a very sad day. My pops left after staying with us for a week. He dropped me off at work and I just lost it. Seriously. Seeing my dad just once a year is not OK and every time he leaves I am just heartbroken. I had gotten used to seeing him when I got home and having a glass of wine and talking about my day. It was awesome. And him and I are just like two peas in a pod.

But he is planning another trip back in the summer, so I have that to look forward to!

And, today I am feeling so much better, because well, it's Friday.

This weekend there is lots of stuff going on in the cities. Tonight I am going to a craft fair and heading to a vintage store for a big sale! Saturday will be devoted to working on the shop. It has once again taken over and is piled all throughout our dining room and bedroom. I actually am looking into a local space where I can vend in addition to my etsy shop. I just can't list it as fast as I can buy it. :)

So, today for the top five I am going to introduce you to some super cute shops I've discovered on etsy lately. A lot of them would be great for some online holiday shopping!

Up first is Locketfox! I think this photo speaks for itself. I will take both, please and thank you!

Now, these brooches from Jetta's Nest are not only super beautiful but they are made from salvaged wood and hand painted!

And for the doggy lovers, these cute hand-made collars with a bow tie from Usagi Team! (And the bow tie is detachable!) I think my Parker would look so dashing in this! Use code AMANDA for free shipping worldwide! Yes!

This shop is so so wonderful! All of the jewelry is handmade with real pressed flowers! Cayla's stepmom would love these! She loves gardening and has plants galore. (And Flora Beauty is having a sale for 20% off with code HOLIDAY20!)

And who wouldn't want these darling vintage recipe cards? (I have collected a ton of these over the years and I use them as shipping labels for my shop!)   And Cake Box Vintage has a lot of other cute stuff, too!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend! And, p.s., thanks for all of your feedback regarding the bangs or no bangs debacle. I went with bangs! They are sort of assymetrical and I really dig them. Albeit, this is not the best photo, but here I am in my cube this morning.

(No shower, no make-up; I write about math all day, let's be real people.)




  1. These are the best tips ever - thanks for sharing! Those pressed flower earrings are simply beautiful. :)

  2. Love the lockets! Your bangs look great! I'm not quite bold enough to go asymmetrical, but you pull it off well.

  3. Those are some pretty awesome shops!
    You're bangs look cute too :)

  4. Your bangs turned out GREAT. I think they're super cute.

    Also, those lockets. Oh! Those lockets. I could definitely wear the owl one every day all day.

  5. I am dying over that dog bow tie collar! I have never had dogs small enough to fit into clothing (giant breeds all the way! they're like domesticated bears!), but cute collars have always been my thing. This is like the best of both worlds, and it's amazing. When I get my own wee pup in a couple years, I am going to shame it by forcing it to look dapper. Mwahahaha.

    Love the hair! The asymmetrical bangs really suit you :)


  6. I love your glasses! And the bangs do look awesome!

  7. No shower, no make up, you are still beautiful!!

    I'm sorry your papa had to leave. I know how hard that is. I'm very close with my dad and missed him like crazy when I lived so far from him. I hope his next visit comes very quickly!

  8. I like your new bangs! And I am glad you won't have to wait another whole year to see your dad! Summer will be here before you know it!

    I love the brooches you found, especially the birdie one! So cute!

  9. LOVE the asymmetrical bangs- they look awesome and you look pretty as ever! That is so awesome you and your pops are so close and I'm happy you don't have to wait another year to see him. You find the best stuff on Etsy- I think I may have to get some of that flower jewelry for my mother in law... Hope you're enjoying the last few hours of your weekend and that it was a good one!

  10. I love the bangs! they look so nice with your glasses, too. (and that doggy bow tie you found is beyond cute!)

    as for having to say goodbye to your dad, I feel your pain. living far from your parents super-sucks. I feel like I'm always scheming in the back of my head, trying to find a good way to convince my parents to move closer to me, haha. I have yet to come up with anything feasible though, haha.