Shop Update

For the last few weeks I have been adding an item or two to the shop daily. My heart is grateful that some of the items have sold already!

I know you know, but keeping up with my online shop is not easy. Not only does it involve many weeknights and weekends at estate sales and thrift shops (which I love) it also means washing these pretties, ironing them (hate!), organizing them, taking photos, measuring, marketing, packaging, going to the post office...You get it, right?

To be honest, at this point, as a shop owner, I pretty much cut even. I might even be losing money if I add in all the miles and miles of driving and gas that it takes to find everything! But I do it because I love it. And, remember, vintage prices might seem high, but as a seller, I understand all of the work that goes in to each item, and I happily spend most of the money I make on etsy on etsy, giving right back to the people trying to make a living from their passion.

I've decided I want to share more about being a shop owner this year. More posts about my vintage-hunting excursions, what I am finding, and what all goes into my shop. It's such a huge part of my life and I really want to share that with you. Cool?

Any who, on to the update!



I am seriously running out of room for my inventory. I might have to go on a shopping hiatus until some of this sells! I have three racks and they are all full. :) Who am I kidding...I just need another rack.




  1. Great finds as always my friend! I think I'm going to need to arrange a day to come over, I'm not joking!

  2. Excited to read more about all of the work you put in!
    That red wiggle dress, alligator purse and pink skirt...swoon! (now if only I had a penny to my name :/ )


  3. ooooooh that red dress is awesome! Love the boat neck.

  4. i just LOVE the poncho here! it has the most perfect of colors! i also adore the little pin!

    lindsey louise

  5. I love those woven wedges & if they were my size, I'd buy 'em right now!!

  6. OMG so in love with that poncho!!! Is it still available?


  7. So many cute dresses- if only they were my size! Also, how did I get so behind on your blog?? You've been busy this week! :)