I have never vlogged.

I actually took my first video with my phone about two weeks ago. I have no idea what I am doing really, but I really enjoy seeing Nicole in her vlog and I can't wait for the soon-to-be-released vlog from my dears Jeannine and Erin (which I hope is filled with some of their killer dance moves).

Now, while there will be no dancing in my vlog (unless of course I drink beforehand, which I may do because I will be so nervous), I would like to start with some questions. So it's not just me sitting there with the pugs.

(Although they are pretty cute.)

Is there anything you would like to ask me about? Anything at all? I know there are some new readers out there, so I would love to hear from you too! Now's the time! I plan to post the vlog tomorrow or early next week. And, no, I haven't joined vine. Although I do love watching all these new videos popping up in my twitter feed.

So happy to almost be over this week's hump! Getting my taxes done tonight and praying that I do not owe money! Fingers crossed.




  1. Here is a start for you - favorite local thrift shop and favorite Etsy shop? :) Can't wait to see your vlog!

  2. I always like hearing tips about how to identify vintage clothes.

    Maddie pug sits on my head like that.

  3. #1. why are you so cool?
    B. can I have your dog?
    #3. why are we here?

    I can't wait to watch. You will be seriously questioning your friendship with us after watching what we produced. seriously.

  4. Oh how neat! I want to start one too! Excited to see yours as well!

    Lindsey Louise

  5. Ooh I can't wait! It will be the next best thing to getting to hang out in real life :) Hmmm... maybe the story of ending up in Minneapolis? IDK... whatever you talk about will be awesome!