Top Five Friday

I am a bit tired today, friends.

Parker: Sleeping all day makes me tired.
 Ash came over last night and we tagged our little hearts out for the upcoming sale. We are both so excited. We were working on logo ideas and making pricing charts. All good stuff. It's so fun to be working with one of my dearest friends. It never feels like work - and I love that. And here's my top five from the week:

These would look so cute in our kitchen! via UO

I want this so much - it's perfect. via Art Deco Dame (love her shop)

 Ash and I are going to try making these for the Tandem Vintage sale. So cute!

So true. via Of Life and Lemons

 Found this owl tea pot for super cheap at a thrift because it was missing the top. It now is the perfect planter! There are even little baby plants sprouting up. Maybe I have a green thumb after all?

And some other stuff that I think is awesome...

♥ This post made me laugh out loud. I just ordered her book and I cannot wait to get it!

♥ Congrats to Amanda, who just announced that a little one is on the way! :)

My friend Beth in a Salvaged Strawberry dress - love how she styled it!

♥ You guys...nearly 100 people have RSVP'd to our Pop-Up! That makes my week!

♥ This is amazing. If I had a money tree, it would be mine!

♥ One of my favorite vintage shops is having a 25% off sale (code 25off)!

♥ This is definitely one of my new favorite blogs. Her tweets are also hilarious. So glad I found this lady.

Tonight Cayla's old band is having a reunion show, so I am super excited to see her rock out on the drums. However, they do not go on until after midnight and I am a grandma. I will be chugging coffee, red bull, and five-hour energies all night - but it will be worth it. I really love her band and will be singing along and dancing like a true groupy! :)

Have a great weekend!




  1. Those bicycle cookies are SOOOO cute! I think you definitely need to make them!

    I adore that owl teapot too!

    And thanks for the shoutout - totally made my day!!

    I'm with you on the staying up late thing! That's going to be tough, but sounds like it will be fun too! Have a blast and a great weekend!

    PS - I'll email you next week about a ladies night :)

  2. First of all, I must've missed the first post on Tandem vintage but I am so excited for you! You will have to tell me about your pop up show, I would love to look into doing something like that here!!! I LOVE the bike cookies you guys are going to make! Happy Friday!
    xo Hannah

  3. Those bike cookies will be perfect for the sale! I love your planter- I'm planning to get some new plants this weekend that I will try to not kill. It's so hard in Arizona- which is my big excuse although other people manage to have gardens :) Have fun at the show tonight!

  4. those cookies! and that print! anddd that owl tea pot!

    too much goodness.

  5. Glad you enjoyed my strawberry print :D hehe. I am In LOVE with the strawberry valence. My office window is in much need of a curtain, I think I might need to find it! :) xo


  6. that "planter" is so perfect! great score!

  7. That's just pure awesomeness about your pop up event - if only I lived closer, I would surely be there!

    Those cookies, that teapot (OMG). those curtains (even bigger OMG), and that strawberry dress (holy flippin geez) - why can't money grow on trees is right :-)